Friday, October 31, 2008

Final thoughts on the election

This is it. My last post on the election. Soak it in :) I am, like the rest of you I'm sure, so tired of hearing about the election. Empty promises, hope filled statements that may or may not come true, and a whole bunch of mean chit chat. Is it just me or has it been like 10 years since this one started. . . ugh.

I will be casting a vote for the McCain Palin ticket because I believe in what they are all about. If you are considering not voting - VOTE. People in our history have given their lives so that women especially can have the opportunity to vote. It is our responsibility as a citizen and I believe as a Christian. God believes in doing things decently and in order and part of that is participating in local and national elections. I live forever far from where I have to vote and plan on waiting forever on Tuesday to vote, but I'm still going to do it. You do it too :)

Even though I hope I'm wrong, I don't think the McCain Palin ticket will win. Obama will get the popular vote and I'll be very surprised if he doesn't get the electoral vote as well. I don't know what the future of America looks like, but I certainly know who holds the future. I will be on my knees for this president either way. I believe we're living in end times and I would NOT want to be president anyway, but especially at a time like this.

So, we'll see! God knows who will be the next president and soon so will we. We need to praying in these final days that God's will would be done on earth as it is in Heaven.


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