Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Postponed and reformatted

That title really makes no sense to me but I like the way it sounds. And it is in fact partially true. The posts on the holy spirit will have to be postponed. I've got to look through and study again one of my favorite books, Experiencing the Spirit and get my thoughts together before I attempt to blog with any knowledge whatsoever. So, they're coming - just not this week. Sorry :-)

This morning I was rushing out the door on my way to the gym (Do I need knocked over the head again this week? Probably), and I grabbed a new Bible (The Chronological Study Bible) I'm supposed to be "test driving". I read again the story of the loaves and fishes. I love that story. I mean I can just imagine myself holding some little kids Lunchable and Jesus asking me to feed a football stadium with 5 slices of turkey and 5 crackers. RIGHT. I can imagine my comments for him and none that pop in my head are very spiritual.

But you know, it wasn't about the food. It wasn't even really about the people being hungry. It was about God asking us to trust Him enough to give him what we have. It doesn't have to seem like enough to us in our Earthly state. It doesn't have to make sense to us because God's ways are not our ways. I may only have 5 minutes today, but do you know what a difference 5 minutes down on our face before the Lord can make? Even just a moment to stop the craziness of our lives to acknowledge that He is God and He is at work in our lives.

I've been trying to find small minutes in the day to do just that. It has been a heart wrenching day here today. Even as I'm writing my boss and friend is on her way to Memphis to hopefully make it before her mother passes away. To the best of her knowledge her mother is not saved. The uncontrollable weeping from such a deep place today I know comes from the uncertainty that her mother will soon face. It was so hard to watch and even harder to realize there's nothing we can do for her. We will pray that God's peace will comfort her and for now that is all we can ask.

Jesus, while we are in our right minds, help us to find you. While we can, help us to trust you. Before it's too late Lord, help us to secure our salvation with You. Give us the assurance that when we close our eyes here-we will open them there with You. Amen

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