Friday, February 27, 2009

An Untroubled Heart

I love the timing of the Lord. Today dropped into my weary hands was the new book by Micca Campbell An Untroubled Heart (Finding a faith that is stronger than all my fears). This is a gift to my life this week. I won't bore you with the details and the depression definitely hasn't returned-it's just a bad week. I took yesterday off for a much needed emotional health day. I am overwhelmed right now with some things that matter and some that do not. Some things I can help and some I certainly cannot. Some things that I know how to fix and some things that are far greater than my mind can comprehend. I am in a word-weary. I wish I could take my soul out cut off the top pour liquid Jesus into it and put it back in! My connection with the Lord right now is troubled with some things I've been wrestling with and my soul has definitely adopted the strain! It will be fine and we will work through it (we have many times before!), but the growing pains are not so fun. I'll let you know how the book is and thanks a bunch for the prayers. :)


I came across this verse this morning and I sure needed it. Thought maybe you did too. Have a great weekend!

Deuteronomy 23:5b "The Lord your God........loves you."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A funny

This is a hillarious exercise to do with your friends. Ask the people around you to describe something in terms of candy. Your faith, your relationship to God, the day, your personality, etc. It's a great ice breaker. Here's some recent examples.

My friend Tammy-sour patch kids-she's sarcastic and quick witted on the outside but super sweet on the inside.

Adrian-Almond Joy-mostly wonderful but definitely a nut!

We've done it before with your faith and how we view the faith of other people. The answers are so funny, Red Hots, Snickers, Butterfingers-oh my there's so many spiritual implications that can go along with candy!

Since I'm surely not afraid to tell on myself I'll tell you what they picked for me. Reese cup-Baptist on the outside with a charsmatic center! HAAA! It was so funny and unbelievably true. I love it. Try it with your friends!

yes and no

I so appreciate the wisdom of others, of people further in the race, of people who are already in Heaven, of people with more wisdom in a situation or more understanding of circumstances. I'm fiercely independent, but sometimes I just want to connect with people. To connect on a heart level and not just the surface. The surface is fine when you're standing in line at Wal-Mart, but I want to be surrounded by people in my life that I'm connected with. Quite frankly I don't have time for surface level conversation. I want the conversations I do have to be Heaven inspired and life changing. I know that's a lot to expect for your average every day run of the mill lunch date-but that doesn't change the fact that I still want it. I'm praying that God would strategically place people in and around my life that point me to Him, that answer my questions with the answers of His heart and inspire me to live a life more devoted to Him. I don't mean this in a "you can only talk to me about spiritual stuff" kinda way, but just that as a generality in my life the conversations that occur in and around my life will be ones that matter. It's so easy to get sucked in to gossip and worthless meaningless chit chat that demeans other people and discourages us. When someone comes up and asks what we were talking about I want to be able to say it was something worthwhile and eternal. Not just say, "Oh we were just talking," when it was something I wouldn't want an outside party to know about. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Convicting isn't it? For lent this year I'm giving up the conversations in my life that are full of gossip and slander and taking away the time God has for me to be somewhere else doing something meaningful. You can definitely still talk to me-I'm not going to a monestary by any means-but let's have conversations that edify and encourage, that build us up and those around us. Conversations that we'd be proud for God to hear if he was sitting at the table with us or listening in on the other line. Eternal conversations and interactions.


So this is just a little bit of housekeeping and some answers to a few questions.

The blog is locked meaning you have to have a password and a google account to access it straight from the internet. This originally started because I work at a mental hospital, live alone, and well it's just safer. Some of you get this e-mailed to you-not a problem.

But as some of you know I have very recently started writing notes for what may or may not become a book one day. And since the Copywright has come through I have to make this blog copywrited in case I want to use something off of it one day. Believe me the idea that I may have a book published one day is as far out there as it sounds especially to me, but I would hate to want to use something off of here and not be able to because I didn't take proper steps now to protect it.

That said, nothing will change about the blog. It will still have crazy ramblings of me and still come to you however you're getting it. The only difference is if you ever forward this to anyone (not that it's that interesting that you would want to!), please let me know so I can document it. No biggie.

Thanks a bunch.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Book Review/ March book of the month

I was going to tell you more about The Furious Longing of God today, but instead I think I will make it March book of the month. It's an incredible read. Very short so I know it seems not worth the $16.99 price-but it is. At the very least share it among your friends or ask for it at the library. So good. More about it later. Hope you're having a good day today blog friends!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Someone asked me the other day if I could have dinner with anyone I wanted who would it be? It's not like me to pick just one of anything so here is my list and why.

Robert Benson-I know I talk about him all the time but when I say his books have changed my life-I mean it. My quote book is filled with wonderfully wise words many of which come from him.

Henri Nouwen-Another great author.

Brennen Manning-author

Maya Angelou-author

Kristin Carr-diagnosed with inoperable cancer and through wonderful nutrition and stress management has lived very healthy far longer than she should have. I think she's facinating. You can check out her book and DVD at

Kabul Ghandi-the book The Prophet though not exactly along the same spiritual lines as I believe is incredible.

Judas-Forever remembered as the disciple who led the way for Jesus' crucifixion. I have a feeling he was not a bad guy-just very human.

Esther-I'm a huge fan.

Hitler-It's hard for me to wrap my brain around pure evil, but I think it would be interesting to hear his side of the story. I truly hope he had some form of mental illness, but I don't know that he did.

Elie Wiesel-Holocaust survivor and author of Day, Dawn, and Night. I cried all the way through Night. The interview Oprah did with him was absolutely marvelous. What a courageous man with an awesomely terrible story.

Julie Andrews-She is graceful and elegent neither of which I'm very good at. Plus I would love to know what her skincare routine is!

Kristin Davis-my favorite clothes/shoes/jewlery designer

A group of various ages of people dying of Aids, cancer, ALS, Alzehimers, heart disease-the dying have so much to teach the living.

Dr. Robin Smith-great psychologist

Ceaser Millan-who loves dogs more than him?

And of course-Jesus-but I'd rather not eat dinner with him. I'd much prefer coffee with free refills-there's so much I want to hear about!


The Friendship Authority

I have a difficult time wrapping my brain around all that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are. Not just that they are the trinity and three separate entities but the same, but that all of their Scripture based features and attributes can all truly be desciptive of one person. It's hard to take it all in sometimes. And I'm not sure we'll ever truly be able to until we are eternally consumed by His love one day. Until then-these are my thoughts on the issues.

Seeing myself as a friend of God's is easy for me. I love people and have tons of them in my life. I wouldn't say I had many true heart friends, but I have lots of people around and I like it like that. So the ability to talk to God whenever about whatever, to share in the day to day experiences of life and to have a solid ground to stand on when the wind starts blowing-he's the best friend you could ask for. BUT, if I'm not careful I will see God only as a friend, a buddy, a pal and I will not take into account his holiness, how much bigger he is than Brenda and how much power and control he has.

And we must not miss out on his authority. He is in charge. He is God. Brenda is not. (duh). I am created-he is creator. I am clay-he is the potter. I am mortal-he is eternal. I was born-God the father always was. I will die-he will not. I will stand judgement-he is the judge. I am by all means beneath him and yet he chooses to walk with me. He has every right and by nature of himself the authority to be in control of this life and the world around it.

I remember when Princess Diana died and after much condemnation The Queen came out among the grieving people to offer her "condolences" for their loss. It was major news that she left her "throne" and came to walk among mere mortals. The people did not know what to do and were extremely uncomfortable around her. She couldn't relate to them and they couldn't relate to her.

I think God know we would feel this way and what a gift that in his perfect plan he sent Jesus to walk among us and feel what we feel and experience what we do. He has been where no one reading this has - to death itself. I think the trinity is just about the most amazing thing I've ever encountered. Each part connects us to God is a unique way so that we are apart of something so much greater than ourselves. I think if the Queen invited us to lunch we'd feel very out of place and unworthy. I think if the Trinity separated itself and invited us to lunch we'd feel so at home and welcome and inspired to live for them. What an amazing thought that Heaven not only accepts us, but wants us to interact and be connected intimately with them.

I like to refer to the trinity as the friendship authority. God the Father-authority. The Holy Spirit-our closest heart friend. And Jesus-the one who has been both mortal and eternal connects us to the two. Amazing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The end

Oh I am so glad this week is coming to a close-total chaos. I was sitting there waiting for the guy to finish my nails last night and thought this is the most fun I've had all week! And trust me I think waiting on my nails to dry is BORING. So that about wraps up my week-not that fun. I did find some great new flea medicine for my dogs that made them sick to their tummies but killed ALL their fleas and lasts a month-incredible. Other than that I'm hoping this weekend at the hospital is better than last! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Book Review

INCREDIBLE book. I'll never be the same. More about this book on Tuesday.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Selfishness verses self care

Selfishness verses self care

I think the voyage of self discovery is a lifelong process. We're always learning and growing and changing. We're always seeing God's Word apply to new situations and speak to us differently than it did in another season of our lives. We're learning that things that worked perfectly for us in one season are virtually useless in this one or the next one. Life is a process and it makes sense that our relationship with the Lord will also experience highs and lows and changes. Not that we renounce our faith by any means, but just that faith in general at times is easier than others.

I love the mountain tops-who doesn't? I love feeling like Jesus is no more than a breath away and if I were in heaven it would feel just like this. But as I have matured in my faith I certainly understand the purpose and the power of the valley. I can't say I look forward to them because they sure are not fun, but I appreciate them and the lessons they teach. I especially appreciate when you come out of the valley and first start to notice that you can breathe again-only one word can describe it-grace.

Lately Satan and I have been going around and around about the topic of Selfishness. I say Satan because I'm not really sure any of this thinking originated with God or his current lesson teaching my heart to be more like Him. Let me say this first. My current season of life is so blocked in that if one or two things go wrong it doesn't take me long to flip completely out. That's just the truth. As long as I feel well, sleep and eat well, and everything else goes according to plan my life runs like a well oiled machine. But if I get a cold, can't sleep, am running late because the dog just puked on my cute shoes that go perfectly with this outfit, or someone totally innocent gets in my way and makes me late - I'll lose it - truly I will. I don't really like that about myself but it's so true. I just run 100mph ALL the time. I can't even tell you what I can cram into an hour if I ever get a free one. I definitely have at least 2 evenings a week where I stay home and read or talk to friends or whatever, but that time is also on a schedule.

So I don't like to think of myself as Selfish, but by nature of my jobs and life in this season I have to protect the time I have. If I don't sleep well Friday evening, I still have to work ALL weekend so I don't go out on Friday nights because I will regret it for 47 hours! I go out with my girlfriends on Tuesday night - really every Tuesday night for the last several years with very few exceptions. I look forward to it all week and it's my chance to get away with them for a few hours, discuss the week and hang out. I love it.

I'm so torn at the moment between being selfish and taking good care of myself. I have totally neglected myself in the past for the purpose of helping others and it didn't take too long before I fell completely apart. I feel closer to a good balance than ever before so I'm pretty sure that's why Satan is on the prowl-he surely doesn't want us to be balanced. I should also say that I am the absolute worst at being taken care of in general. If I'm not careful when people try to help me with anything I get very defensive and independent and end up hurting their feelings. I know this so I try very hard to not be so neurotic.

Recent examples-Last night I was at Cracker Barrell with my friend Tammy and we were running super late for the movie. She said she'd buy dinner and I could get the movie tickets. I was like sure great, but I started thinking what if dinner is more than the movie tickets and she ends up paying for more than I do? I was actually relieved when at the Movies she said, "Grab me a drink too." Whew! That meant I paid more which makes me way happier than when someone else does. WHAT A CRAZY PERSON I AM! What the heck difference does it make? Ugh. That's so annoying and SUCH a waste of perfectly good brain power! I think Satan LOVES that stuff, I really do. Bottom line is it made no difference. All of my friends toss back and forth the same $10.00 ALL THE TIME. One of us pays one time and one another and maybe it doesn't work out perfectly but it really makes no difference-at all. It's even more obnoxious to me now that I'm typing it, but I know I'm not the only one.

Another example-My grandparents have been here for the last 6 weeks. I love when they're here I honestly do, but like I said, I'm the worst at being taken care of. And truly they're just trying to help, but every once in awhile it so gets on my nerves. This past weekend at work was a nightmare, truly. I barely had time to run home change my clothes let the dogs out get some coffee and be back to work before the next patient arrived. Saturday afternoon I could barely keep my eyes open and I really just wanted to take a shower change clothes and get back. My grandfather stopped me at the door and proceeded into a long discussion about the front door and did I like the locks on it and did I think the frame was straight. My pager kept going off and we were still talking about the door. Finally I just said, "I love the door, as far as I can tell it's straight, and the locks match the rest of the hardware so I guess they're fine. Bye!" He really just wanted to know if there was something he could do to the door that would make me happier, but if he only knew-I don't even notice the door as I'm flying in and out of it!

Monday mornings you can probably guess are not Brenda at her finest. After working all weekend I have to be at the store to open. It's a miracle every Monday that I get to work at time and in any way look presentable. I have to be at work at 830 and it's 20 minutes away and if I don't stop at Starbucks-well, forget it! I woke up at 750 threw on some clothes and was trying to get out the door when my grandmother said, "I made breakfast!" I can't eat on Mondays until about 2 pm because my stomach is usually crazy from the weekends. I didnt' want to hurt her feelings, but I also wasn't about to eat breakfast. Well, there wasn't much else I could do about it, but she got her feelings hurt-and I was way too exhausted to be too bothered by it. I talked to her about it when I got home that night. She was just trying to help and I was just trying to survive and we came to an understanding, but it's still frustrating! I like it so much better when things run smoothly!

I am asking God to help me not to be selfish and if there are areas in my life when I need to be more understanding of people being late or postponing or changing plans that may or may not work for me. But I'm also asking God to not let me feel guilty for doing the things to take care of myself so that I can be at peace-body mind and soul. And definitely to recognize the difference.

So lately everytime Satan has whispered into my ear, "you're so selfish." God has gently whispered back, "you still need to take care of yourself." They're both right! I am selfish sometimes but God is showing me some of that time is because I have to be. And I do have to take care of myself. The patients that I see all weekend do not care that I am overly tired and the people who do care about me would probably appreciate me not snapping on them when they ask a question! It is about balance-the balance the Lord has for me and for this life at this time. I have to trust His leading.

And it was so wonderful last night to be a part of the body of Christ. I half jokingly said to my sweet friend Tammy, "I'm going to find some friends who can be on time to dinner so we don't have to rush to get to the movies!" She apologized and then said, "And I'm going to find some friends who don't schedule dinner so close to the movies!" I apologized too. Ah! I love it. Thanks friend!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Maybe because I'm a little crazy and co-dependent, but I emphasize with the disciples. Here they are following Jesus around for years and then one day he says he's leaving and shortly there after HE REALLY LEAVES! Humph! I would not have been happy and I'm sure they felt lost at best. Although I don't think the disciples really got on their own 2 spiritual feet until he departed and it's true for us too isn't it? The times when God feels the farthest away are the times when we do all we can to get close to Him again. I think the disciples went to lunch and sat on the hillside and waited for Jesus to return (at least for a little while!). And we've been waiting for him to come back ever since. I think it's hard to live in the dichotomy that He could be coming back today and may not return in our lifetime. And even though He has proven himself over and over and over again in and through my life, I hate that sneaky little Satan when he whispers in our ears that Maybe, just maybe, he's not coming back at all. Truth is there's been man's interpretation of signs of Christ's return as long as he's been gone. And we really don't know when.

Maybe it's just because Krisi's story is so on my heart today. She is dancing in Heaven with the King of Kings all her suffering over while her loving husband and 3 tiny tiny boys are left on Earth to pick up the pieces. Maybe it's just because Cora's story has also been on my heart this weekend and her family's description of that tiny tiny casket. Maybe it's because every time I see an ambulance back up to the morgue I know a family somewhere is about to be heartbroken.

I don't like surprises and I sure don't like not knowing what the future holds. It secretly makes me mad at the ER when I hear the nurses say, "Your loved one has been in an accident and you need to come to the ER." And when I look up all I see is a white sheet. I know it's the best way, but it makes me want to call them back and say, "They're dead, gone, no longer with us. Start grieving now and maybe you'll be over it just a few minutes sooner than you would have." I hate that they are petitioning Heaven all the way to the ER only to be met at the door by the chaplain. UGH. It's terrible and I try not to be there when it happens. You only have to be there for one dying person to know that it's an eternal moment. I still don't like it.

But it does remind me to put life into my days. Even crazy out of control too much to do and not enough time to do it days like today. It reminds me to thank Him for this day and this moment. It reminds me to continue to seek His will for this life and these moments and to make them count not just for today, but for eternity.


Every few months there is a weekend at Greenleaf that is totally unmanageable. This would be the weekend! It has been basically non-stop! I'm ready for 11:00 P.M. to get here this week! I have such a crazy week ahead at work too that I was kind of hoping this weekend would be not so crazy. Oh well. What are you gonna do? I'm just thankful there's only about 6 hours left.

Hope you all have had a good weekend. More this week!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


If you're scanning my blog for a Happy Valentine's post you can keep going. I can't stand Valentine's day. I was at the grocery store the other night to buy some frozen fruit and I swear it looked like Cupid threw up in there. All the cupidy red and pink mushy gushy lovliness makes me nauseously crazy-really it does. Don't get me wrong-I'm perfectly happy for the people who not only are not alone the other 364 days of the year but then get an ADDITIONAL day to make a huge scene about it-fantastic. And if one more well meaning Christian tells me Jesus loves me I'm going to send them to meet Him-today! I digress. . . .

I'm also having the WORST weekend at work I've had in forever. It's so crazy busy I'm really just updating the blog so I have some way to stay awake until my next patient's lab results come back. It's been rainy, I started the weekend tired, and it's sheer craziness here this weekend. UGH! Not a happy Brenda! (insert pouty face).

I do forget at times how funny working in a psych hospital really is. I had a lady pick up a piece of scrap paper and throw it at me-like a weapon. She was furious when I didn't even flinch and asked me why I wasn't afraid. Um, of what? A paper cut?

And one more funny story. You can't go ANYWHERE in a psych hospital without keys. If you ever do get in somewhere you still have to have keys to get out. Most patients figure that out but the little punk adolescents don't know that. I had one kid cussing me out - like words I haven't even heard in awhile. He figured if he could just get past me he could go outside and run away. Being the nice person that I am - I moved out of the way and stood back to observe Mr. Cool Guy hit the door going 100 mph. It was like a cartoon when he slid down the door onto the floor. Sorry, but that was funny! He had a touch more humility about the admission process after that!

I'm happy for funny moments because there sure are enough that are not even a little bit funny. I have 2 more referrals coming in on the fax machine so gotta go. Maybe I'll think of something fun and interesting to talk about tonight since apparently I'm going to be awake!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Just a quick update. Amanda updated today that Kristi Walker who some of you have been praying for has gone home to be with Jesus after a courageous battle with cancer. I know you will continue to pray for her husband and 3 small boys. Thanks.

"For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing." (2 Tim. 4:6-8)

So sad

I don't really have much time to write today, but wanted to at least acknowledge such a terrible tragedy in New York. It's been on my mind all day especially the fact that one of the victims is a 9/11 widow. Terrible. It has reminded me that life is so fragile and the ONLY thing we can absolutely put our hope and eternal trust in is Jesus. People WILL leave us either by choice or by death, the unexpected will happen and tragedy will occur in and around your life. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He does not promise us a pain free, long, and happy life, but he does promise to be with us through the storms of this life and the eternal rest of the next. Pray for these people affected by such an unexpected heartache-God promises comfort to all who mourn and they certainly need it today.


I would apologize for being on my soapbox, but I'm not sorry, so I won't. Bottom line is-blood banks in the United States are ALWAYS dangerously close to not having enough blood for the people who need it. It doesn't have to be a major trauma for a person to need blood and that person could easily be you or someone you know at some point in your life. I give blood every 56-60 days (whatever the next business day is) and I do because it's important. It's on my calendar and I MAKE TIME for it no matter what. There are blood banks everywhere and if you are healthy there's really no reason not to give. So-Give blood! It makes you feel good, it helps out your fellow man and Thanks to God who created our incredible bodies-it'll replenish itself in no time!

Back again!

Hey blog friends. So sorry for the long delay in posting. I haven't had too much to talk about lately! Hope you all are doing really well. The weather here has been just beautiful. I've so enjoyed having a convertable and drying my hair on the way to work :) I've been working on cleaning out the woods behind my house which is a way bigger project than I anticipated! I live on about an acre about a forth of it is woods and random weeds and a few keepable trees. The good thing about living in the county is that when I get it all in a pile I'll just burn it up! I would like to have it done before it's 100 degrees again!

I started getting worried my little Ella was gaining weight. Cocker Spaniels are known by breed to have terrible hip and joint problems in their older years. I feed them food with glucosamine and some other good stuff and they get plenty of exercise. They may still end up with problems, but I want to give them the best chance I can. Anyway, I decided to try to groom Ella myself last night - she was not thrilled! But she turned out okay and I saved a bunch of $$. Plus-she's so tiny. Not overweight at all. A huge trashbag full of hair later I'm sure she felt lighter and happier. I'll take a picture tonight. Odyssey has been keeping his distance ever since pretty sure he's next! And he'd be right!

I always go out on Tuesday night for girl's night. We've been going out on Tuesday nights for literally years. Dinner and a movie. It's always my friend Tammy and me and we talk a random assortment of other people into going with us off and on. It's a blast really. I look forward to it all week. Lately we've seen Mall Cop (okay-very family friendly), New in Town (Great!) and last night we saw He's just not that into you - so funny and so so true. Confessions of a shopoholic is up for next week followed by Madea goes to jail the next week. After that we'll have to see!

A huge congratulations to Stump the Sussix Spaniel who won Westminster. Way to represent! Odyssey and Ella are super proud of you too :) They ate a dingo bone to congratulate you!

Other than that I really need a manicure and a pedicure and have zero time to get that accomplished. So much coming up in the next few weeks! Hope you all are doing well. More soon!


Life is fine-just crazy! I'm taking a mental health day tomorrow to stay home. Be back with a real post on Wednesday!


I'm a big believer that if someone has done something-particularly something that is life changing-you should tell them. I knew once I finished the book Constant Prayer by Robert Benson (my all time favorite author), I had to tell him. The voyage of discovery into the hours of prayer changed my life-literally. So I sent him a thank you card and told him how much I appreciated Between the Dreaming and the Coming True, his honesty about his struggle with depression and a stay in a psychiatric ward, and most importantly his continued work following finding true freedom in Christ.

Yesterday I got a wonderful return letter from him. I'm keeping the details for myself (sorry), but it was truly wonderful. What a great man of God and his personalized letter was truly a gift. It's about to get framed and it will hang in my office so if you want to read it you'll have to stop by. :)

Thanks Robert Benson-and write something else soon!

Return of the Prodigal Son

Thanks for reading! I'm so glad you guys liked this book. Henri Nouwen is far and away one of my very favorite authors. I highly recommend if you enjoyed this one you should read the rest too! He has so many great books. My next favorite is probably The Life of the Beloved.

Anyway, you guys had GREAT comments about the book. Basically it's a rundown of the story of the prodigal son but through the eyes of the prodigal, the older son, and the Father. It's a fantastic account of how we all fit into God's story - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Henri Nouwen goes into great detail about Rembrants painting which is also the cover of the book. (Which also hangs in my dining room if you wanted to know!). He was mesmorized by this piece and it led him on a voyage of discovery into this story.

It's about the father's challenge to the son, and the son's challenge to accept that love. It resonates with all of us no matter where we are on our journey home to the father.

A summary of the comments:
"Life changing"
"I found forgiveness from the father in these pages."
"I'm so thankful I'm not the Prodigal anymore, but that now I'm home."
"Really connected with the older son."
"I love the story in a brand new way."
"Didn't know that was Rembrant's work on the cover - I want that picture!"
"I always knew He loved me, I just didn't realize how much."

Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it. Now get started on this month's book(s)!

P.S. A copy of Rembrants painting is fairly inexpensive on Just FYI!


Today is so getting away from me. Full update on the Prodigal Son tomorrow. Promise! I'll leave you with my favorite comment from you guys. . .

"In this book I learned I don't have to be the prodigal son to relate to the father. I am loved by Him even without a "testimony". I've never left and come home again. I've always been home and the Father loves me for that. Thanks!"-Cara