Saturday, February 14, 2009


If you're scanning my blog for a Happy Valentine's post you can keep going. I can't stand Valentine's day. I was at the grocery store the other night to buy some frozen fruit and I swear it looked like Cupid threw up in there. All the cupidy red and pink mushy gushy lovliness makes me nauseously crazy-really it does. Don't get me wrong-I'm perfectly happy for the people who not only are not alone the other 364 days of the year but then get an ADDITIONAL day to make a huge scene about it-fantastic. And if one more well meaning Christian tells me Jesus loves me I'm going to send them to meet Him-today! I digress. . . .

I'm also having the WORST weekend at work I've had in forever. It's so crazy busy I'm really just updating the blog so I have some way to stay awake until my next patient's lab results come back. It's been rainy, I started the weekend tired, and it's sheer craziness here this weekend. UGH! Not a happy Brenda! (insert pouty face).

I do forget at times how funny working in a psych hospital really is. I had a lady pick up a piece of scrap paper and throw it at me-like a weapon. She was furious when I didn't even flinch and asked me why I wasn't afraid. Um, of what? A paper cut?

And one more funny story. You can't go ANYWHERE in a psych hospital without keys. If you ever do get in somewhere you still have to have keys to get out. Most patients figure that out but the little punk adolescents don't know that. I had one kid cussing me out - like words I haven't even heard in awhile. He figured if he could just get past me he could go outside and run away. Being the nice person that I am - I moved out of the way and stood back to observe Mr. Cool Guy hit the door going 100 mph. It was like a cartoon when he slid down the door onto the floor. Sorry, but that was funny! He had a touch more humility about the admission process after that!

I'm happy for funny moments because there sure are enough that are not even a little bit funny. I have 2 more referrals coming in on the fax machine so gotta go. Maybe I'll think of something fun and interesting to talk about tonight since apparently I'm going to be awake!

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