Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Friendship Authority

I have a difficult time wrapping my brain around all that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are. Not just that they are the trinity and three separate entities but the same, but that all of their Scripture based features and attributes can all truly be desciptive of one person. It's hard to take it all in sometimes. And I'm not sure we'll ever truly be able to until we are eternally consumed by His love one day. Until then-these are my thoughts on the issues.

Seeing myself as a friend of God's is easy for me. I love people and have tons of them in my life. I wouldn't say I had many true heart friends, but I have lots of people around and I like it like that. So the ability to talk to God whenever about whatever, to share in the day to day experiences of life and to have a solid ground to stand on when the wind starts blowing-he's the best friend you could ask for. BUT, if I'm not careful I will see God only as a friend, a buddy, a pal and I will not take into account his holiness, how much bigger he is than Brenda and how much power and control he has.

And we must not miss out on his authority. He is in charge. He is God. Brenda is not. (duh). I am created-he is creator. I am clay-he is the potter. I am mortal-he is eternal. I was born-God the father always was. I will die-he will not. I will stand judgement-he is the judge. I am by all means beneath him and yet he chooses to walk with me. He has every right and by nature of himself the authority to be in control of this life and the world around it.

I remember when Princess Diana died and after much condemnation The Queen came out among the grieving people to offer her "condolences" for their loss. It was major news that she left her "throne" and came to walk among mere mortals. The people did not know what to do and were extremely uncomfortable around her. She couldn't relate to them and they couldn't relate to her.

I think God know we would feel this way and what a gift that in his perfect plan he sent Jesus to walk among us and feel what we feel and experience what we do. He has been where no one reading this has - to death itself. I think the trinity is just about the most amazing thing I've ever encountered. Each part connects us to God is a unique way so that we are apart of something so much greater than ourselves. I think if the Queen invited us to lunch we'd feel very out of place and unworthy. I think if the Trinity separated itself and invited us to lunch we'd feel so at home and welcome and inspired to live for them. What an amazing thought that Heaven not only accepts us, but wants us to interact and be connected intimately with them.

I like to refer to the trinity as the friendship authority. God the Father-authority. The Holy Spirit-our closest heart friend. And Jesus-the one who has been both mortal and eternal connects us to the two. Amazing.

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