Friday, July 25, 2008

Sex and the City vs. today's church

I realize this post may come across a bit opinionated and since it's my blog - I'll vent if I want to! Haha. After seeing Sex and the City it made me sad not only about the church I attend, but churches many of my single friends attend as well. In SATC 4 single women live their lives. They are powerful, socially acceptable, independent and have a great sense of fashion. Their opinions are seriously heard not just by each other but also by those around them.

It may not be true everywhere, but at least here in the church where I am a member single women have no place in the body of christ. If we have opinions, they are apparently not worthy of hearing because we don't have a "spritiual covering" to validate our thoughts. There are no sunday school or home church options for single women (seriously not one!) and if sitting alone isn't bad enough, no one talks to you when you do! Now I'm a firm believer that if you want someone to shake your hand - put your hand out, but how much more obvious is someone who may need a greeting then the single girl sitting alone in the back row trying to look occupied during greeting time???? Duh.

I was friends once with a woman who constantly told me I needed to get involved with a husband wife team to run my spiritual thoughts and opinions by I guess to see if they were okay. And where can I ask am I supposed to get that?? Put an ad in the paper? "SINGLE CHRISTIAN GIRL SEEKS ACCEPTANCE OF OLDER SPIRITUAL COUPLE." I'm certainly not saying I know everything, but I am entitled to my own unaltered thoughts and opinions and if I do say so myself - I've had some pretty good ones.

And while I'm on the subject - what is so wrong with single people talking about their frustrations with being single?!? Twice in the last week I have made a statement that got blatently ignored like if they agreed with me they might (gasp) end up single one day too. I'm not stupid - I'm single. I have my own home, my own car, 2 jobs, great animals and somewhat of a life. No I don't have husband and children stories but every once in awhile I still have something to say and it would be AWESOME if someone heard it!

Okay, I'm all done ranting - feel much better! Thanks for listening. I'm really fine with being single as far as I go. It becomes hard in society to be "one." The lonliest number or something like that :-)