Sunday, May 31, 2009

Love it

You know I love love love love love to read and whatever I'm reading now is my very favorite, changed my life book of the year. Yes, I can be dramatic. I'm creative give me a break! :) BUT, my favorite fiction books are not lovey dovey they met randomly at a cafe and lived happily ever after (puke), but super smart fiction where some people die, a crime or 2 is difficult to solve and somewhere in there is a story of redemption or good triumphing or whatever.

Enter Steven James one of my VERY favorite authors. He has a master's in storytelling? Have you ever even heard of such a thing? My parents would have STRONGLY suggested I change majors! But I'm glad he did because he's an extraordinary writer. He writes fiction and non-fiction equally well so if you can't read about unsolved murders and sleep at night (I can-no problem!) then try out his non-fiction.

ANYWAY, all that to say that the 3rd book in his fiction series The Knight doesn't come out until July and I've been BEGGING Baker books for a copy. Thursday it came in the mail! YEAH! I can't wait to read it.

Yippee! The first 2 are The Pawn and The Rook and they're great!

Ella is doing better! Hopefully she can come home tomorrow. Sweet baby. I miss her!

That's all I have to say for today. Clearly I need more sleep :)


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prayer Request

I only have a quick minute. PLEASE pray for my sweet dog Ella today. I went home this morning to let them out and she was having trouble walking. She's had hip problems before, but she was pretty miserable. I rushed her to the vet and he has decided to keep her all weekend for observation in case she might have had a seizure. She's never spent a night away from home! It is best since I have to work this weekend. I just ran home to check on Odyssey and he's throwing up. He doesn't like being home alone and I have to be at work! Ahhhh. Please pray for quick healing for Ella and comfort for Odyssey and that this weekend goes by fast! My little babies need me! :) Thanks guys.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Monday is the day I'll post all discussions about 1st drop of rain. I'm so glad you guys love it! Yeah!!!!!! Can't wait to post thoughts, but I will, until Monday, and then it's just too late. I'm tired of waiting!

Finding answers in the questions

This post has been awhile in the making. I've hesitated to post it only because I don't want the uncertainties of my own life to cause uncertainties in yours. I know I'm not on a spiritual pedestool, but some people are under the assumption that I am. And I know how painful it is when you put someone on a spiritual pedestool and then they fall off. It's jarring to one's own soul. So, we'll establish this one fact right here - Brenda's not God. Good? Ok. We continue. :)

I'll start from the beginning and give you the rapid fire story of my testimony. My family and I were discussing something spiritual (I forget what) on the way home from church one Wednesday night when I was 7. I can remember sitting in the back seat and thinking THIS I have to have. I can remember feeling the Lord tugging on my heart even then and I knew I was missing something. We prayed that night and I believe with all my heart, that night sealed my fate as a child of God. I believe in immediate and forever salvation. I think once we're His, if we're really His, then we're His forever. My brain can't wrap around that any other way.

And I've pretty much lived for Him ever since. I grew up in a Christian home, went to a Christian college and went to church every Sunday with friends who loved the Lord and lived for him. You never really appreciate a spiritual nest until you get kicked out of it!

I'd say my faith wavered just a little bit when I moved to Georgia. Finding your way in a new state with new people and no real church family was a little unsettling. But I made it through that and got involved some in a church. And then over the past few years my work schedules have changed to the point that Wednesday night church is never possible and Sunday church is rarely possible. I feel called to the jobs God has for me which isn't a defense, it's just the truth. Even though I think people should be in church and church has a great purpose in the life of the believer-somebody has to work in healthcare on Sundays! Bottom line.

And I'm at peace with that. But I think in the past year or so the mixture of those things have manifested themselves in A. A lack of assurance of faith and B. A lack of confidence in faith. I think sometimes when the same questions rattle around only in your own heart and soul it just becomes a revolving mess. Questions and concerns were meant by nature of humanity and the intelectual ability to be shared in community and sorted through under the power of the Holy Spirit sent to help us in our time of need.

And we could say my spiritual community at the moment is lacking at best!

I think that's why I'm so drawn to Robert Benson and Brennen Manning. People that by circumstance paved their own way. When the typical church was not meeting their needs and was more of a social club than a spiritual fortress, they made their own church. They made a way essentially where there was no way.

If you asked me if I think people need to be in church I would say YES. I could argue for pages that church is necessary to the growth of any believer. I believe there are so many benefits to being in church.........

I also believe that where 2 or more are gathered He is there in the midst of them.

Can I say I've had the best "church" experiences in the past few weeks - Listening to the testimony of a friend encouraged me that my steps are laid out by Him and planned to perfection. Time together with a pastor this morning at Starbucks brought great refreshment to a weary soul and the assurance that there are answers even within the questions. Truly hearing the heart of a friend in need reminded me of the compassion God has for me and has called me to give to others both in an occupation and in my life. And watching a friend painfully go the opposite way of Christ reminded me how scary it is to fall away from Him even for a moment. I was more motivated than ever to protect and make priority my relationship with Him.

Is that a cop out for not going to church? No. But sometimes you have to find Him where He can be found. I love when Jesus tells the disciples after an amazing moment in Scripture....AS YOU GO. Not stay here and bask in my glory until I come back again, but as you go. As you go live your life, as you go about your business, as you go and do what God has called you to do. And that's where I'm at. As you go............

I'm taking Him with me. I'm not going to feel guilty that my current place in life does not allow me a regular church schedule. I am going to look for opportunites around every corner to connect with the community of fellow believers at large. I'm trusting that God wants me in a form of fellowship even if it isn't "church" as we call it.

And as far as assurance goes, I think it's a good sign to question once in awhile. I just want to be so sensitive to the Lord that I know when something's off. I think there are more answers in the questions than I presently realize. And I was reminded this morning by Pastor David that in order to keep our lives in check we need to sometimes go back to the basics. God loves you, He saved you because you asked Him to, Fruit of the Spirit should be manifesting itself in your life in positive ways, and we should have a heart that even though it is clothed in humanity currently is sensitive to the sin in our lives.

Example-We're going to mess up, but we should feel badly about it at the end of the day. I think it's a problem when we get to the place that we acknowledge something went wrong and immediately think, So what? Hard hearts are a dangerous path and I continue to pray that God would make my heart and KEEP my heart pliable to his working. Clay in the potter's hand looks messy at first, painful in the middle, and beauty refined in the end. Perfection because of HIS work. Which by the way will not happen until we are there with Him!

That to say I'm at a very unique place with the Lord at the moment. I think confidence and reassurance will return as I do what I know to do. Spend time with Him, spend time with believers who are edifing to my faith, and trust Him in the process. Somehow knowing that perfection is not attainable here on Earth takes the pressure off to always be perfect at the moment!

All that to say, He's working not just in my life but in yours as well. He's comfortable with the questions. He understands our humanity. He wants better for us even more than we want it for ourselves.

I so appreciate those of you who share your walks with the Lord with me all the time. It's more encouraging than you realize. Praying today that God would be in the midst of your questions and grant you peace where there are no answers. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

You found me

I'm so thankful today for the men and women in this country who have given and are giving their lives so that we can be free. To say I couldn't do it is the official understatement of the century. Uncle Sam would for sure have kicked me out by now! I think it takes amazing courage especially to sign up for another term for the armed forces when this is our 7th consecutive war time memorial day. To a few of my friends who are the wives left behind taking care of households and children born and unborn-you are a unique group of heroes too and I think you're the best! Happy Memorial Day!

I think we fuss about the things going on in our country and the shortcomings of this truly great nation because we honestly have nothing to complain about. Children around the world will die today because the line of plain white rice will run out before it gets to them. They will starve to death. Parents will die of Aids knowing their children won't be far behind them. Innocent people will be hit by roadside bombs and suffer on the side of a road in a country where the government literally could care less. In places around the world today where violence is the only way anyone knows how to handle anything-they cannot fathom being free. The very fact that when Americans are mistreated or injustice is done we have a system in place to protect the innocent and punish the guilty is a foreign concept to most around the world. We have every reason to be grateful.

And I'm so thankful to have found true freedom in Christ. As a heritage I am far more free than I behave on a daily basis. I am entitled to total, no matter what freedom because I'm joint heirs with Christ. I can't help but think sometimes that God shakes his head and says, "If only she'd realize-she's already free!" I think God understands our humanity, but I know he wants far more for us than we could even think to want for ourselves.

Lord, for the freedom you have given through your precious son, thank you. For a nation founded on the your promises, thank you. For men and women today standing in harms way so that I can write about the freedom found in you, thank you. Amen.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

why i love christian retail

I love working in christian retail for a lot of reasons but this is one of them. On my doorstep at my house arrived a great box from Zondervan with these 2 products in them that I've wanted for a long time-free of charge! Boxen is a wonderful children's book of C.S. Lewis stories before Narnia and the C.S. Lewis collection on audio of Screwtape Letters, Problem of Pain, the Great Divorce and Mere Christianity. WOW! Thank you Zondervan. P.S. If you couldn't tell I'm a huge CS Lewis fan!

random ride on a rollar coaster

Feel like you're on a rollar coaster reading my blog lately? Whew. me too. Sorry everything is so random. Thank you for your prayers as things have been more than a little chaotic this week. And last week. And maybe the one before-I don't know. I honestly can't remember that far back!

H-Pylori is pretty much a for sure. It's causing huge chest pain at the moment. Praying that the meds get under control fast. If I didn't need to breathe we'd be in good shape. This happened on Friday too and it eventually subsided. I don't really know what it is it's just in my way at the moment! It could be waaaaay worse so I'm really not complaining. I might go to the gym and see if I can stretch it out a little bit. We'll see.

I have so much I want to write on here and so much to say about the goodness and graciousness of God. How perfectly present He is at the moment and how grateful I am that I can fall on the mercy seat. But I cannot. Work is totally nuts at the moment and I have so much still to do. So trust that really good posts are on the way-someday! I'll leave you with my new favorite quote.

"Sometimes you just have to crack your mind open and be amazed at all the junk that falls out!"

Monday, May 18, 2009


I have no time for an update or even a comment today, but just had to say that I think God's grace is so wonderful. Undeservedly, more than I could ask for, right on time at the moment I need it wonderful. I know that I know I wouldn't be here without God's marvelous love for this life. A life that struggles and fights against the very will I'm seeking. A life that would be ashes without his gentle breath reviving my soul on a moment by moment basis. A life that just wants to be all his. I love Him! And I love you guys too. Hope you had a good Monday. Stop keeping me-I have to go!! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Be still

I'm always amazed at somewhat trying times that God speaks the clearest. He is so wonderful. This week has been lonely and boring and physically painful and overwhelming at work and just not such a fun time. He is constant and true. I'm so thankful that when we are weak He is strong. I'm reminded anew that we can do and are NOTHING without Him. We worked with a book salesman this morning and I'm SO excited about some upcoming selections for both the bookclub and Tuesday book reviews. Fun times.

God always has fun ways of speaking to me through my animals. This morning I let Ella out the front door and Shine took off after a cat. Everytime I got close to her she took off again. Have I mentioned she weighs 70 pounds? I can't exactly pick her up and carry her home! Did I have a leash? No. Did she have her collar on? No-of course not because she got a bath last night! Finally she just came home. Good idea Shine. And God whispered to my tired heart - stop running. Be still. Run TO me, not away from me. Find rest in Me.

Why is it that we are the most frustrated, the most confused, the most discouraged, the lonliest, the most irritated, the most hopeless, the craziest feeling that we want to run from him? Maybe it's just me. We should be running to the SOURCE of comfort, of hope, of grace, of mercy, of love. Being human is exhausting. :)

I'm thankful today that He loves me even when I'm running - toward Him, away from Him or more often than not -in circles!

Lord, I love you more than anything. Forgive the times I don't run to you when you are waiting to be comfort and peace to my weary heart. When I trip right over my humanity, remind me that one day I will be with you. Be graceful in the process and know that I want nothing more than to be like you. Amen

Thursday, May 14, 2009

She's gonna make it

Thanks for the kind words. I did go to the Dr. this morning and I'm super glad I went. I'm kind of an all at one time girl in a lot of ways, but the Dr. is the worst. I just save stuff up to go over with him the next time I see him for an actual medical situation so it ends up taking awhile. He's great and very patient! So, new acid reflux meds (he asked how much coffee I drink-what???), Some amazingly expensive med that made my back feel brand new :) and flexeril for emergencies like when my neck won't move. Flexeril knocks me flat out so I'll only be taking that when absolutely needed. Apparently my back has picked up MUCH stress to the point that it can't be undone with stretching, etc. I promise you this is not the first time my body has mentioned a thing or two about other parts of my life not going according to plan. And I'm on a mission at the moment to find ways to reduce stress in my life so my temple doesn't suffer! He thinks I have H-Pylori at the moment which would not surprise me at all. Waiting on those results.

Otherwise my neck and back feel GREAT! Yippee. Was a little concerned about the weekend not being able to move!

Have a good night friends! I'm headed home to walk the dogs and watch Grey's Anatomy season finale. I'm lovin it!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updated book list

READING NOW The Passion of Mary-Margaret – Lisa Samson
When Goliath Doesn’t Fall-Jody Conrad
The New Sugar Buster’s Shopping Guide
The Owner’s Manual for Christians-Charles Swindoll

Let Go-Sheila Walsh *****
Handle With Care-Jodi Picoult ****
First Drop of Rain-Leslie Parrott *****
Dr. Gott’s no sugar no flour book-Dr. Gott
A Good Life-Robert Benson

Take One-Karen Kingsbury
The Body Broken-Robert Benson
Voluntary Madness-Norah Vincent
Dr. Gott's No sugar No flour cookbook-Dr. Gott
The Furious Longing of God-Brennen Manning (again)
The Tenth Circle-Jodi Picoult
Nineteen Minutes-Jodi Picoult
Songs of the Humpback Whale-Jodi Picoult
Three Cups of Tea-Greg Mortensen
Rook-Steven James (again)
Knight-Steven James
Here's to Hindsight-Tara Leigh Cobble
Lost and Found-Kathryn Slattery
Love starts with Elle-Rachel Hauck
Daisy Chain-Mary Demuth
The Blue Parakeet-Scott McKnight
Finding our Way Again - Brian McLaren
Complete Book of Raw Food-Rodwell
The Power of Desperation-Michael Catt

Tuesday book review-on Wednesday

Ahh yes Robert Benson. I just finished this book last night. I so want to be a woman of prayer. I want to be someone who's heart is always secure on it's knees even when the winds of this world are blowing with all their might. I may not be called to be a Monk or a Nun, but I am called to solitude and silence, of worship and prayer. How I spend my days is how I'm spending my life. It's a short very easy to read book, but I made tons of notes. A great read :)

Books of the Month

Because it's almost summer I'm going to include 2 books for June. You are as always welcome to read one, both or neither. The first one is a fiction selection called The Passion of Mary-Margaret by Lisa Samson. I really like her as an author and this is her latest book.
And a book by a not quite so well known author. Jody Conrad's book When Goliath Doesn't Fall is incredible. It's a look at the worship of the propet Habakkuk-marvelous.
Enjoy and happy reading!

health questions

So many of you responded to my post on healthy eating. I'll try to find you some resourses that will help. I really only know what I do which may or may not be all or part right. It sounds dumb, but I eat whatever I feel like eating within the boundaries of my diet. I don't eat sugar or flour. If I feel like eating oatmeal for lunch-I do. If I feel like eating carrotts and hummus for dinner-I do. I rarely sit down and eat an actual "meal." Since you asked, here's a few pictures. The one above is my famous steel cut oats with bananas, blackberries and soymilk.
And this is probably the "dinner" I eat more than anything else. It's whole grain pasta with cheese and brocolli. Sometimes I add kidney or garbanzo beans, sometimes not. Sometimes I throw green peppers or banana peppers if I have them. Sometimes I add black olives. Sometimes I throw stuff in there that I think sounds good and it sooooooo isn't! Really whatever I feel like eating when I make it.
I would love to offer you more "recipes" like you asked for, but I seriously hardly ever make a recipe. I just put together whatever I feel like eating. If I think canned corn and garbanzo beans with hot sauce sounds like a good lunch then that's what I make. It probably sounds dumb, but it works for me. Plus, it's just me so I can eat whatever I want. For dinner tonight I had peanuts, juice, iced tea and cottage cheese. For lunch I had a latte. For breakfast I had steel cut oatmeal. Tonight I'll probably eat green peppers, carrotts and hummus, but I might change my mind before I get home and eat eggs. See? I never know.

I'll pay more attention to what I'm eating and try to share with you. The book that I've talked about before and probably will again about sugar and depression is Sugar Blues. It's in mass market paperback and a really great, eye-opening book.

be still my soul

Sorry for the lack of posts. You really wouldn't have wanted to hear what I've had to say the past few days. It's better if I wait until Jesus gets mixed into my frustration and makes it a little more tolerable :) Right now I'm eating chili lime peanuts and iced tea while I write this so I'm basically happy.

Mainly I have felt terrible since last weekend sometime. I don't know what I did, but my neck has been killing me-really to the point that if I move it I want to throw up. I'm 2000% sure it's tension and stress that has just gotten my neck muscles in a tizzy, but seriously it's been bad. No amount of heat or cool or yoga or pilates or stretching or Advil or Motrin or sleep or rest or keeping still has helped it one bit. Finally this morning I had enough and let my massage therapist work her magic on it. Lest the word massage makes you think of quiet relaxation with birds chirping-this was a swedish deep tissue massage. Ow ow ow ow ow ow. It feels like the anti-christ is trying to get your collar bone out from the back of your neck-for an hour. BUT, my neck actually moves now-score! I have an appointment with my dr. tomorrow morning. On a funny note, I told my friend Lisa last night that my neck hurt and she asked if I thought it was swine flu. WHAT? Maybe if a pig kicked me in the neck! She's so crazy.

I could go on about work, but I won't. It's not even interesting to me. Jeremy moved on Saturday. Good news-found a new yard man-yeah! I don't really mind mowing the yard, but I have 1 acre, a push mower, no time, and it's already 90+ degrees. No thanks. So, that's a relief. And believe it or not I have green bell peppers, banana peppers and tomatos growing in my "garden." I know - I'm Martha Stewart. :)

Totally random note-see the movie The boy in the striped pajamas. I HATE the holocaust and I hate even more that countries are taking it out of textbooks as if it didn't happen. This is a great movie. So sad, but really good. Watch it.

On a reading note-those of you who read my blog just for the book reviews and my reading list-SO SORRY! I've been horrible about both the last few weeks. I went through the stack by my bed last night-I am 65 books behind at the moment and that's just for work. Ugh. I LOVE to read but right now my stack is a little much even for me. A lot of what I have to read is not worthy of a book of the week, but I'll update my book list in a few minutes. And I'll do a book of the week. And I'll get to some good books to read so you know what to read :)

If you're not done with 1st drop of rain hurry up! I'll announce the June book in a few minutes too because I know most of you are almost done. I can't wait to share about 1st drop of rain. It's one of the best books I've read in a long time.

You might remember that I have an electronic reader so most of my books get loaded onto that. But I still have stacks of actual books that I'm slowly working through. If you want some let me know and I'll send them your way. My house is turning into a library!

Alright, I'm off to get some coffee and I'll be back with more posts!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Ella!

To my sweet, sweet Ella. Happy Birthday monkey girl! I can't believe you've been with me for 6 years! I remember the day I got you and you took Odyssey's bone right in front of him. I thought for sure we were in trouble! You've been in charge every since. You want things your way right away and why shouldn't you? You know I'd break my neck to make you happy. Even last week when you ran right through the ditch at 4:00 in the morning you still cracked me up with your disgusted looks in the bathtub! You don't have to speak to say the funniest things :)

I love that you never run away and would be content to be right by my side forever. You hate to be held, but you love to snuggle. I love that you go potty in the garage when it's raining and then look at me like, "What? It's wet." I love that you can't have anything stuffed because you'll turn it inside out at record speed and bring me the squeaker! And I love that 90% of the time you have your ball in your mouth hoping someone (me?) will throw it for you. I hope you love your new Happy Birthday squeaky balls - so far I think the pink and green one is your favorite :) And I hope you loved your doggie ice cream last night. You deserve the best my little friend.

I hope your year is filled with all the things you love best - balls, chasing frogs, keeping Odyssey company, Shine, Dingo bones, long walks, ice cubes, and anything else your heart desires. I can never repay you for being the best friend a girl could ask for. I love you sweet girl :) Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 8, 2009

the end

It has been a crazy, frustrating not so great week and personally I'm glad it's coming to a close! Sometimes life is just crazy like that. Amazingly enough I was expecting a good smooth week! Go figure. It's nothing serious or even worth blogging about. Just one of those weeks. I'll be looking for some positive uplifting encouraging words of grand inspiration to share next week :) I love you guys! And miss you too.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What are you eating?

I'm still getting TONS of questions about what/how I eat so I will try periodically to update the blog with some tips/suggestions/warnings. I appreciate that you all think I'm super healthy and know everything about nutrition. I do not. I'm just on a constant quest to take good care of the body God gave me without eating tree bark :)

I'll start by saying I started this quest when I was having a horrible time with some medical issues that could not be solved. I finally found some answers and solutions with a nutritionalist and I'm still learning. 2 years ago I could not eat anything without being sick, sick, sick. We eliminated just about everything until we found multiple sensitivities to foods and combinations of foods. Almost 9 months ago I gave up white flour and sugar completely and this has helped more than anything. I'm almost meat free (I only eat meat when I have to give blood) and am learning to absolutely love the way I prepare and enjoy (yes enjoy!) food.

My friends jokingly or not say that I love woodland creature food :) It's true. I eat TONS of nuts, berries, grains, etc a lot of times in their original form. I eat very little chemicals and love simple food in it's original form. And lest you think I'm going to move to the country and live off the land - I just spent mega $$$ on new makeup. It's all about balance people :)

A fair warning that is necessary is that if you want to start eating this way-take it slowly. I average almost 60 grams of fiber per day which is a lot! If you go from McDonalds to this lifestyle overnight I think it's fair to say you'll have serious digestive issues! Add items slowly and start changing things. I think you'll be glad you did.

Today I'll tell you my staples and favorites and another time I'll give you more ideas of what to eat. My favorite breakfast that I eat ALL the time is Steel Cut Oatmeal with soymilk, blackberries or blueberries, and bananas with a splash of 100% pure maple syrup. And sometimes walnuts. Oh my word-it's heavenly. I eat it as a snack at night sometimes. Steel cut oatmeal takes awhile to cook so I make a big pot of it and leave it in the fridge. I also eat egg whites and mulit grain toast a lot.

I eat lots of vegetables raw, cooked, steamed, etc. I love hummus which you can make yourself but I'm not that crafty so I buy it in the store. I eat all kinds of nuts. I love fruit. I eat a lot of brown rice and couscous. Cheese is an easy way to get protein.

I could go on and on but that's probably enough for today :) See what changes you can make today to be healthier. He resides in this temple and He deserves a home well cared for.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A lack of clarity

I've been a little BLAH the last few weeks. Just a bunch of little stuff going on-some important, some not. I'm having trouble focusing on well, anything! Evidenced by the fact that I've waxed my floors twice in 2 weeks-believe me that's not like me. I like to clean when I get confused and frustrated. It makes me feel like I'm doing something methodically and in order. Last night I folded linens as opposed to throwing them into the linen closet and the cedar chest. Again-I usually have better things to do. I can't really pinpoint what it is exactly, but I'll try.

My great friend Jeremy who is basically like a little brother has been struggling for several months in his relationship with the Lord. Lee, Cherie and I have talked to him until we're crazy, but it hasn't really done much good. We've prayed for him and loved him for months now as he's walked through his own valley of uncertainty. Last week Jeremy announced he's moving to Augusta to live with his girlfriend. Ummmmmm..........not good. He's leaving a stable job and living situation to move in unwed with a girlfriend and neither of which have jobs. He had to be out of his apartment last week so he's staying at my house this week until he moves on Saturday. We've had ENDLESS discussions about Christianity and if the Bible is true and if you don't believe the Bible do you have to follow it's guidelines etc etc etc ad nauseum. It's seemingly useless. Finally I told him last night that I don't think he'd be unable to sleep and asking a million questions if he really had peace about where he was with the Lord currently. He agreed, but said he's going his own way anyway. Running from God is great in theory. The only problem is that God is already where you're headed. And if Jeremy really is saved and belongs to the Lord then the Lord already has ownership of him and may do what it takes to get him back. My heart is broken for the peace he's missing out on, the joy of having the Lord direct his steps and the assurance of salvation. Pray for him that God would meet him where he's going and that Jeremy would realize the Answer he seeks is already within him.

I've felt YUCK all week. I feel like I'm constantly moving and never accomplishing enough. It's exhausting! I haven't even been to the gym all week so I'm headed there after work tonight and maybe that will boost my energy!

Thanks for asking about the new dog. Shine is doing really well. All 3 dogs were running around the backyard chasing each other the other day. I love it when they wear themselves out! :)

I will update the booklist soon. I seriously have about 6 started at the moment. Again-focus troubles! :) Hope you all are having a good week. Praying God would meet you and love you right where you are.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Not very inspired

I'm not feeling too inspired today to write something amazing :) I could babble, but that's not interesting! Here's some new pics of the dogs. The top one is shine claiming her chair and the bottom one is the 3 of them learning to walk together. So cute. Have a great weekend! Brenda