Friday, May 15, 2009

Be still

I'm always amazed at somewhat trying times that God speaks the clearest. He is so wonderful. This week has been lonely and boring and physically painful and overwhelming at work and just not such a fun time. He is constant and true. I'm so thankful that when we are weak He is strong. I'm reminded anew that we can do and are NOTHING without Him. We worked with a book salesman this morning and I'm SO excited about some upcoming selections for both the bookclub and Tuesday book reviews. Fun times.

God always has fun ways of speaking to me through my animals. This morning I let Ella out the front door and Shine took off after a cat. Everytime I got close to her she took off again. Have I mentioned she weighs 70 pounds? I can't exactly pick her up and carry her home! Did I have a leash? No. Did she have her collar on? No-of course not because she got a bath last night! Finally she just came home. Good idea Shine. And God whispered to my tired heart - stop running. Be still. Run TO me, not away from me. Find rest in Me.

Why is it that we are the most frustrated, the most confused, the most discouraged, the lonliest, the most irritated, the most hopeless, the craziest feeling that we want to run from him? Maybe it's just me. We should be running to the SOURCE of comfort, of hope, of grace, of mercy, of love. Being human is exhausting. :)

I'm thankful today that He loves me even when I'm running - toward Him, away from Him or more often than not -in circles!

Lord, I love you more than anything. Forgive the times I don't run to you when you are waiting to be comfort and peace to my weary heart. When I trip right over my humanity, remind me that one day I will be with you. Be graceful in the process and know that I want nothing more than to be like you. Amen

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