Thursday, April 24, 2008


Okay it's possible I just don't get the whole polygamy thing, but after reading this book - I really don't want to. What a horrendous nightmare. I so enjoyed Carolyn Jessops account of her life in the FLDS and her awesome adventure to escape what she knew was wrong for her and her children. My favorite part by far was when she was being "disobedient" to the prisethood (ie her husband) and they had to go before the leadership so she could get straightened out and be a better wife. The guy in charge warned her that she was risking her placement in the afterlife by disobeying her husband. She replied, "I would rather go to Hell than be married to that man for all of eternity!" He was speechless! It really is an incredible true story.

Pikes Place Blend

As far as the new blend from Starbucks. . . . survey says. . . .I like it. It's not as strong as Starbucks other coffees and even though I like strong coffee. . . .this is a good everyday cup o joe. I'm on my third day and see many more in my not so far off future. YUM!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Loves of my life

Here's some pictures of my sweet little boy and girl. For those of you thinking I may be delusional and inadvertantly mistake my dogs for children . . . you'd be right!

Okay, okay

For those of you who have kids and REALLY interesting lives, you may find your attempts to get me to have a blog to be quite boring. We shall see. So here you go-a blog! It makes me feel semi powerful to have a place in the chasm of the world wide web to share my thoughts and feelings and pictures and if I get really ambitious a video clip or two. So welcome to my blog!