Thursday, May 14, 2009

She's gonna make it

Thanks for the kind words. I did go to the Dr. this morning and I'm super glad I went. I'm kind of an all at one time girl in a lot of ways, but the Dr. is the worst. I just save stuff up to go over with him the next time I see him for an actual medical situation so it ends up taking awhile. He's great and very patient! So, new acid reflux meds (he asked how much coffee I drink-what???), Some amazingly expensive med that made my back feel brand new :) and flexeril for emergencies like when my neck won't move. Flexeril knocks me flat out so I'll only be taking that when absolutely needed. Apparently my back has picked up MUCH stress to the point that it can't be undone with stretching, etc. I promise you this is not the first time my body has mentioned a thing or two about other parts of my life not going according to plan. And I'm on a mission at the moment to find ways to reduce stress in my life so my temple doesn't suffer! He thinks I have H-Pylori at the moment which would not surprise me at all. Waiting on those results.

Otherwise my neck and back feel GREAT! Yippee. Was a little concerned about the weekend not being able to move!

Have a good night friends! I'm headed home to walk the dogs and watch Grey's Anatomy season finale. I'm lovin it!!


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