Thursday, May 7, 2009

What are you eating?

I'm still getting TONS of questions about what/how I eat so I will try periodically to update the blog with some tips/suggestions/warnings. I appreciate that you all think I'm super healthy and know everything about nutrition. I do not. I'm just on a constant quest to take good care of the body God gave me without eating tree bark :)

I'll start by saying I started this quest when I was having a horrible time with some medical issues that could not be solved. I finally found some answers and solutions with a nutritionalist and I'm still learning. 2 years ago I could not eat anything without being sick, sick, sick. We eliminated just about everything until we found multiple sensitivities to foods and combinations of foods. Almost 9 months ago I gave up white flour and sugar completely and this has helped more than anything. I'm almost meat free (I only eat meat when I have to give blood) and am learning to absolutely love the way I prepare and enjoy (yes enjoy!) food.

My friends jokingly or not say that I love woodland creature food :) It's true. I eat TONS of nuts, berries, grains, etc a lot of times in their original form. I eat very little chemicals and love simple food in it's original form. And lest you think I'm going to move to the country and live off the land - I just spent mega $$$ on new makeup. It's all about balance people :)

A fair warning that is necessary is that if you want to start eating this way-take it slowly. I average almost 60 grams of fiber per day which is a lot! If you go from McDonalds to this lifestyle overnight I think it's fair to say you'll have serious digestive issues! Add items slowly and start changing things. I think you'll be glad you did.

Today I'll tell you my staples and favorites and another time I'll give you more ideas of what to eat. My favorite breakfast that I eat ALL the time is Steel Cut Oatmeal with soymilk, blackberries or blueberries, and bananas with a splash of 100% pure maple syrup. And sometimes walnuts. Oh my word-it's heavenly. I eat it as a snack at night sometimes. Steel cut oatmeal takes awhile to cook so I make a big pot of it and leave it in the fridge. I also eat egg whites and mulit grain toast a lot.

I eat lots of vegetables raw, cooked, steamed, etc. I love hummus which you can make yourself but I'm not that crafty so I buy it in the store. I eat all kinds of nuts. I love fruit. I eat a lot of brown rice and couscous. Cheese is an easy way to get protein.

I could go on and on but that's probably enough for today :) See what changes you can make today to be healthier. He resides in this temple and He deserves a home well cared for.

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