Monday, May 25, 2009

You found me

I'm so thankful today for the men and women in this country who have given and are giving their lives so that we can be free. To say I couldn't do it is the official understatement of the century. Uncle Sam would for sure have kicked me out by now! I think it takes amazing courage especially to sign up for another term for the armed forces when this is our 7th consecutive war time memorial day. To a few of my friends who are the wives left behind taking care of households and children born and unborn-you are a unique group of heroes too and I think you're the best! Happy Memorial Day!

I think we fuss about the things going on in our country and the shortcomings of this truly great nation because we honestly have nothing to complain about. Children around the world will die today because the line of plain white rice will run out before it gets to them. They will starve to death. Parents will die of Aids knowing their children won't be far behind them. Innocent people will be hit by roadside bombs and suffer on the side of a road in a country where the government literally could care less. In places around the world today where violence is the only way anyone knows how to handle anything-they cannot fathom being free. The very fact that when Americans are mistreated or injustice is done we have a system in place to protect the innocent and punish the guilty is a foreign concept to most around the world. We have every reason to be grateful.

And I'm so thankful to have found true freedom in Christ. As a heritage I am far more free than I behave on a daily basis. I am entitled to total, no matter what freedom because I'm joint heirs with Christ. I can't help but think sometimes that God shakes his head and says, "If only she'd realize-she's already free!" I think God understands our humanity, but I know he wants far more for us than we could even think to want for ourselves.

Lord, for the freedom you have given through your precious son, thank you. For a nation founded on the your promises, thank you. For men and women today standing in harms way so that I can write about the freedom found in you, thank you. Amen.

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