Wednesday, May 13, 2009

health questions

So many of you responded to my post on healthy eating. I'll try to find you some resourses that will help. I really only know what I do which may or may not be all or part right. It sounds dumb, but I eat whatever I feel like eating within the boundaries of my diet. I don't eat sugar or flour. If I feel like eating oatmeal for lunch-I do. If I feel like eating carrotts and hummus for dinner-I do. I rarely sit down and eat an actual "meal." Since you asked, here's a few pictures. The one above is my famous steel cut oats with bananas, blackberries and soymilk.
And this is probably the "dinner" I eat more than anything else. It's whole grain pasta with cheese and brocolli. Sometimes I add kidney or garbanzo beans, sometimes not. Sometimes I throw green peppers or banana peppers if I have them. Sometimes I add black olives. Sometimes I throw stuff in there that I think sounds good and it sooooooo isn't! Really whatever I feel like eating when I make it.
I would love to offer you more "recipes" like you asked for, but I seriously hardly ever make a recipe. I just put together whatever I feel like eating. If I think canned corn and garbanzo beans with hot sauce sounds like a good lunch then that's what I make. It probably sounds dumb, but it works for me. Plus, it's just me so I can eat whatever I want. For dinner tonight I had peanuts, juice, iced tea and cottage cheese. For lunch I had a latte. For breakfast I had steel cut oatmeal. Tonight I'll probably eat green peppers, carrotts and hummus, but I might change my mind before I get home and eat eggs. See? I never know.

I'll pay more attention to what I'm eating and try to share with you. The book that I've talked about before and probably will again about sugar and depression is Sugar Blues. It's in mass market paperback and a really great, eye-opening book.

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