Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A funny

This is a hillarious exercise to do with your friends. Ask the people around you to describe something in terms of candy. Your faith, your relationship to God, the day, your personality, etc. It's a great ice breaker. Here's some recent examples.

My friend Tammy-sour patch kids-she's sarcastic and quick witted on the outside but super sweet on the inside.

Adrian-Almond Joy-mostly wonderful but definitely a nut!

We've done it before with your faith and how we view the faith of other people. The answers are so funny, Red Hots, Snickers, Butterfingers-oh my there's so many spiritual implications that can go along with candy!

Since I'm surely not afraid to tell on myself I'll tell you what they picked for me. Reese cup-Baptist on the outside with a charsmatic center! HAAA! It was so funny and unbelievably true. I love it. Try it with your friends!

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