Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So this is just a little bit of housekeeping and some answers to a few questions.

The blog is locked meaning you have to have a password and a google account to access it straight from the internet. This originally started because I work at a mental hospital, live alone, and well it's just safer. Some of you get this e-mailed to you-not a problem.

But as some of you know I have very recently started writing notes for what may or may not become a book one day. And since the Copywright has come through I have to make this blog copywrited in case I want to use something off of it one day. Believe me the idea that I may have a book published one day is as far out there as it sounds especially to me, but I would hate to want to use something off of here and not be able to because I didn't take proper steps now to protect it.

That said, nothing will change about the blog. It will still have crazy ramblings of me and still come to you however you're getting it. The only difference is if you ever forward this to anyone (not that it's that interesting that you would want to!), please let me know so I can document it. No biggie.

Thanks a bunch.

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