Monday, February 2, 2009

Back again!

Hey blog friends. So sorry for the long delay in posting. I haven't had too much to talk about lately! Hope you all are doing really well. The weather here has been just beautiful. I've so enjoyed having a convertable and drying my hair on the way to work :) I've been working on cleaning out the woods behind my house which is a way bigger project than I anticipated! I live on about an acre about a forth of it is woods and random weeds and a few keepable trees. The good thing about living in the county is that when I get it all in a pile I'll just burn it up! I would like to have it done before it's 100 degrees again!

I started getting worried my little Ella was gaining weight. Cocker Spaniels are known by breed to have terrible hip and joint problems in their older years. I feed them food with glucosamine and some other good stuff and they get plenty of exercise. They may still end up with problems, but I want to give them the best chance I can. Anyway, I decided to try to groom Ella myself last night - she was not thrilled! But she turned out okay and I saved a bunch of $$. Plus-she's so tiny. Not overweight at all. A huge trashbag full of hair later I'm sure she felt lighter and happier. I'll take a picture tonight. Odyssey has been keeping his distance ever since pretty sure he's next! And he'd be right!

I always go out on Tuesday night for girl's night. We've been going out on Tuesday nights for literally years. Dinner and a movie. It's always my friend Tammy and me and we talk a random assortment of other people into going with us off and on. It's a blast really. I look forward to it all week. Lately we've seen Mall Cop (okay-very family friendly), New in Town (Great!) and last night we saw He's just not that into you - so funny and so so true. Confessions of a shopoholic is up for next week followed by Madea goes to jail the next week. After that we'll have to see!

A huge congratulations to Stump the Sussix Spaniel who won Westminster. Way to represent! Odyssey and Ella are super proud of you too :) They ate a dingo bone to congratulate you!

Other than that I really need a manicure and a pedicure and have zero time to get that accomplished. So much coming up in the next few weeks! Hope you all are doing well. More soon!

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