Friday, October 10, 2008

The end of another week

I can't believe this week is over already. It seems like just yesterday it was Sunday night and here we are about to embark on another weekend. I'm thankful the week at the store ended well after a few rocky moments earlier today. Nothing serious, but I hate when Satan brings strife on Fridays and then I have to try to figure that out on top of everything else on the weekend. A human brain can only hold so much info you know and worrying about my own stuff doesn't really fit in with helping so many other people with their stuff. Yuck. I hate misunderstandings and just general unease. I hate it.

Relationships, even the most seemingly stable, are so fragile. One or both parties can get so bruised so easily and the dynamics of the relationship change sometimes forever. And then you throw in the fact that God has a time and a season for things and it gets really complicated. I have let go of several friendships over the years that I knew God was asking me to, but it's hard. And then there are some that I know are God ordained and God maintained and they are by far the most meaningful to me. They don't exhaust me, I'm always glad to hear from them or spend time with them, and they are life giving. And when I sit down and really think about it, it's pretty easy to tell the difference.

One of my friends always says, "If Satan can't make you bad, he'll make you busy." It's so true. And you know when it's been a day of pointless appointments, interactions, and stuff when you go to bed at night and your brain won't stop spinning. I hate to lay down at night and have fear, anxiety and stress overtake my last thoughts of the day. For some reason if I can't go to bed in peace, the day has been a waste. At the end of the day I try to breathe in peace and breathe out fear, anxiety and stress at the end of every day. It works.

So, I'm about to go lay down for a few hours before the weekend takes over my life. I'm choosing not to worry about the events of today. I'm choosing not to stress over what was said and not said and what could have been said or not said. I'm going to focus instead on the good things that happened today.

-Unexpectedly, my boss at the store gave me a big hug and said, "I love you Brenda." (Thank you Lord, I needed that)
-A text message from a friend
-A very funny phone message from a friend that ended up being funny for the rest of the day
-A good conversation while taking a friend to pick up his car
-The news that my aunt is moving to St. Petersburg Florida. It will be so fun to have family a few hours away to go visit on my days off. And I'm looking forward to her coming through here on her way to Florida.
-The hope and promise of a new day and that even though I'll be at work, God is with me. Always.
I'm praying you all have a wonderful weekend and realize anew that whatever you're going through He is with you. More next week. Brenda

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