Friday, October 17, 2008

The weekend

Well, with any luck this weekend might be better at work than the past 2. It has been UNBELIEVABLE and I'm just praying for a somewhat manageable 2 days. That's all I'm asking. I hope on Monday I can report that it was a good weekend! Please Lord!

I have been watching Christmas gifts go by me at the Potter's House this week and it makes me happy! I love Christmas. I already have the new Manheim Steamroller A Candlelight Christmas playing and my dogs in santa hats christmas wrap came yesterday. Cards bought, stamps on order, gift buying seriously underway already. And I've already decided No tree this year. the one I have is safely in the attic and it STRESSES me out to put it together and put it up. So, no, not this year. Everything else will be up and accounted for, but no tree this year. I'm going to put super cute scarves and fake snow on my fountain. So there. I can do that if I want to :-)

But more importantly, I want this Christmas to be meaningful. I want Jesus to really be at the heart of it. I say it every year, but I feel like with the rush of things it never happens like I hope. I want on December 26th this year to say I really celebrated the birth of my Savior. I want to feel like, to the best of my Earthly abilities, I worshipped at his manger and honored the meaning of him coming into the world. I haven't quite figured out how or what to do differently, but I am excited.

Anyway, sorry for the ramblings. I hope you all have a great weekend! I miss you guys this week, especially the ones far away. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish everyday we could share a cup of coffee and catch up. Maybe someday :)


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