Thursday, October 23, 2008

And Breathe

I normally dread Fridays. Fridays signal the end of a normally peaceful week and the start of the uncharted chaos that is the weekend. But this week? I'm glad Friday finally made it. Weird weird weird week.

It's my job at the mental hospital to admit people and 99% of them are unknown to me. Admitting someone I know will always be hard for me and embarassing for them. It's not a best case scenerio, but sometimes it works out that way. This one this week was probably worst case scenerio and did not end well. I have admitted, did admit this week, and in the future will probably admit people I know, but I'll never get used to it.

This week I'm thankful that for now my job at the hospital is safe. I could just as easily be working at one of the outpatient offices that are set to close mid December.

I'm thankful that this week required WAY more triple venti non fat no whip no foam one pump extra hot pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks than one person needs to survive, but that the overdosing gave me opportunities to laugh with the people who work there. They crack me up and if I ever win the lottery I will quit my jobs and be a Starbucks barrista just for fun :)

I'm thankful that even though it cost a fortune my car got it's 30,000 mile tune up. At least the headlights that get cloudy are still under warrenty!

I'm thankful for so much that the Lord has done for me in and amidst craziness this week that would never fit into words on a blog so I won't try. Just know He is faithful. So, so, so faithful. He knows what He's doing and nothing takes him by surprise. Our days are stairs taking us right to Heaven's door where one day we will see Him. Have a good weekend!


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