Saturday, October 4, 2008


I love fall, but I think the concept of seasons in the south is hysterical. yesterday it was 48 degrees in the morning when I woke up. By the time I left work it was almost 90 degrees. So, yes for like 8 minutes every morning for the next month or so it will be fall. And then for another 2 months it will be "winter" for like 10 minutes in the morning and drop down to the almost freezing 70 degrees in the afternoon.

Maybe it's just that I grew up with actual seasons, but the wool pea coats and cashmere sweaters that are EVERYWHERE at stores in south Georgia crack me up every season. WHO IS BUYING THESE? I have never seen anyone who lives here in either a winter coat or a sweater of any kind unless it's super light and you risk sweating in it just to say you pulled out your "winter clothes."

I have not owned a winter coat in 5 years. I own 2 "jackets" that I have not worn in 3 years and about 45 long sleeve shirts that I wear for 3 months every year every day with a short sleeve shirt underneath. I own 1 really cute gingham flannel shirt that I save for really cold days :) That's it.

That said, there's something about those 8 minutes in the morning that make me want to buy a cute fall coat and light a fire and drink hot chocolate (I have no fireplace and I don't drink hot chocolate but a girl can dream). I like to stand outside really early before it heats up and breathe in the promise of fall and sense a change in the air. And then I like to throw my t-shirt and capri pants on for another month or so and be thankful that it never gets too cold here :)

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