Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stop shooting the wounded

I am fed up today with a whole bunch of Christians I'm around including myself. Why is it that we feel the need to shoot the wounded? To cast judgement on someone already face to the floor defeated? In war it is considered very bad taste to shoot people AGAIN that you've already wounded. It's the same reason bombing hospitals is frowned upon - they're already injured!

I have a ton of examples from this week but here are a few.

My friend Rachella is pregnant. She's not married. The guy is no good. It was a mistake, for sure. It's also too late. In 6 months she is going to have a baby like it or not. She went to her church and explained the situation. They have decided to "let" her stay a part of the congregation. MY WORD. That was awful sweet of them! Where else does she need to be right now except in the middle of a body of believers? I can't believe they even said that. NO, I don't think she needs to be in any form of leadership - this season she needs to absorb the church and not lead it, but still.

A friend of a friend - Tonya was 3 months pregnant with her daughter. She has been horribly sick like really sick. Yesterday she miscarried. A friend said to her, "Maybe it's better since you were sick." HELLO???????? Open mouth insert foot. That did not help anything. Other people told her at least she had 2 healthy children. I'm sure she's thankful for them, but that did not lessen the pain of losing this one.

One of my friends told me last night that he's struggling with his faith. He said he feels like his prayers are hitting the celing and falling back on his head. He doesn't know if it's worth it. He thinks maybe living without the Lord IS an option. He also said he's never been more unhappy in all his life. He said he hasn't been to church in 2.5 months and no one has really noticed. He's afraid if he goes back people will think he's a phoney. In other words, he's afraid people-at church-will judge him.

A patient I saw last weekend saw a wreck back in February where she stood by helplessly and watched 2 people age 19 and 22 burn to death. They cried to her for help, but there was nothing she could do. The fire was too extensive. She has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder still from the incident. She is having a hard time at her job - at the prison. Her boss and coworkers are forever fussing at her and telling her to get over things. When they reduce her to tears - they make fun of her. Seriously?

I could go on. But I want to encourage us today to stop shooting the wounded. Stop hurting people who are already hurting. If you can't think of something helpful (preferably from the Lord) to say - then don't say anything! Sometimes the best thing we can do for people is just to be there.

We judge the rich the poor the fat the thin the smart the unintelligent the spiritual the unspiritual - as if we're perfect and know everything.

I am making a huge effort in my life to not judge people because even if I know a lot about them - I don't know everything. Only God can see the heart, but I'm going to try harder to look for it, nurture it in people, and not destroy it.


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