Thursday, October 9, 2008


I hate running errands. I feel like all I've done this week is go from one place to the next with every single spare minute I have (which isn't that many). And why is it that everything messes up at the same time?

The weedwacker ran out of string - trip to Lowes.
Out of gas for the lawn mower - gas station.
Oh yeah, car needs gas too - gas station again.
Was way over due for a hair appt. - cut, color, highlights and wax - 3 hours!
Needed cash - bank.
Cat food and other necessities - Target.
Stamps - Post office
Out of Mascara - Walgreens
Melted lipstick - Rite Aid
Forgot to bring water from home - Rite Aid again
Out of Kiwi - Winn Dixie
General groceries - Publix
coffee at least once a day - starbucks
Needed pants - Belks
Pants didn't fit - Belks again this time adding camisoles and shirts
One shirt too big from Belks - keeping it
Gym several times
Needed air conditioning filters - Home Depot
2 cards - Hallmark (why didn't I get them at potters house? I don't know.)
pick up prescriptions - Rite aid
Wrong shampoo for the new hair color - back to Target
3 bags of clothes - good will
Update insurance policy for next year - week day trip to Greenleaf (speaking of which I'm worth MUCH more dead than alive - that's depressing)

I realize many of these could have been combined but I'm STILL tired from the weekend of craziness and I can't think straight! So there :)

I'm praying for a semi-manageable weekend this coming weekend. Could it happen?? We'll see :)


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