Saturday, November 1, 2008

20 Things you may not know about me

I haven't done one of these in awhile so here goes. . . . . . ..

1. Once I decide to be in a relationship with someone I am fiercely loyal. I am not a fair weather friend. I have and will walk through fire with the people I care about (good triat!). On the flip side once I get it in my head that I don't want to be in a relationship with someone, it is extremely difficult for me to change my heart's mind. (bad trait!). Jesus and I are always working on that one.

2. I love Starbucks (duh), but really to the point that if I don't get it, I could end up in a bad mood for awhile. I would give up Starbucks if Jesus asked me to because I love Jesus more than Starbucks. . . .but I might cry a little :)

3. I love, love, love having a convertable. South Georgia is a perfect place for a red PT Cruiser convertable with a turbo engine.

4. My secret wish is to live on a deserted island with my dogs and a huge trunk of books and wait for the rapture while eating pineapple and kiwi and mangos.

5. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be grilled cheese.

6. I eat a little tiny bit of meat very occasionally, but I really wish I didn't.

7. I've never wanted children and at this point I still don't. I do have a fear though I'll wake up one day and be 40 and wish I would have.

8. I have no great desire to be married, but I am afraid to be the crazy cat lady and to die alone.

9. I wish I felt like I fit in with my family.

10. I give blood every 56 days like clockwork and feel guilty if I miss it by even a day.

11. I hate jury duty and am always glad when I say I work at a mental hospital they let me go :)

12. My current favorite movie is The Waitress and when I watch it I feel like I can make pies too! (I can't)

13. Still every Sunday 6 years later I miss my church in Kentucky and wonder sometimes why God didn't let me stay there!

14. I care nothing about being domestic and it's a huge chore every week to do housework.

15. After being on call all weekend I resist the urge every Monday to run over my cell phone with my car!

16. I have a tattoo on my left wrist that says Hope in Hebrew. I've never regretted it for a minute and it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would.

17. I hate this weekend because the time goes back an hour which makes me have to work another hour!

18. I love having something to look forward to and I'm happy I only have to wait 7 days for the next exciting thing!

19. My favorite restaurant of all time is 360 north downtown (if you come to visit I will so take you there!)

20. I wish it was Sunday night instead of Saturday night.

Until next time :)

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loveHim said...

Ok,I feel as your "much older sister" that I can comment on #7 and #8... I'm 45 and still do not wish for my own children and my trick is to love the children that are in my life as if they were my own ~ it works! and #8... well, I'm still struggling with that myself, especially in light of recent events in my life, but Jesus is enough. And you are my new the fact you have a tatoo and am totally jealous of your moxie!