Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I remember

It's no secret that I love love the Old Testament. I love the stories and the customs and the traditions. I love the way that they didn't have to wonder what the power of God was like because every once in awhile He just came around and showed them! I think they had the healthy fear of God that many of us lack. They knew He could wipe them out because they'd seem him do it before!

If I could wrap up the Old Testament in one word it would be - Remember.

God did NOT want his people to forget. He instructed them to build monuments and temples. He wanted them to celebrate holidays and events. He wanted them not just to remember that they were delivered from Egypt, but WHO delivered them. He wanted them to remember the heights from which they had fallen. He wanted them to remember the God of their youth. I think the Jewish faith is fascinating. I don't agree with all of their teachings obviously, but I can appreciate that they still celebrate Passover and days like it. They don't want to forget.

I don't want to forget either. I don't want another day to go by or another breath to be taken without remembering that I am His. I always say if you need to be reminded that God is with you, feel your pulse. That's God saying, "beat, beat, beat, beat." And when he doesn't say "beat" anymore - it won't. I might think at times that I can live without him, but that's like breathing without lungs - can't be done!

I heard someone say a few weeks ago about overcoming addiction - "plant your stake, walk away, and don't do it again." I'm thankfully not trying to overcome any addictions, but I am trying to determine in my heart once and for all with everything I am and all that I have to live 100% for Him. WAY easier said than done and it gets tested every single day!

So, tomorrow morning I'm planting a stake in my rose garden with tomorrow's date on it. I want Him to know I mean it. There is nothing in my life more important than Him. It will remind me to keep short accounts because I'll see it before I leave in the morning and as I'm coming home at night. There's no power in the stake, but there is wonderful power in Him.

It will say from me to Him - I remember.
I remember that the sacrifice you made will always be greater than any I make.
I remember that I'm to pray for those who persecute me.
I remember that nothing will ever separate me from Your love.
I remember that I am flawed and repeatedly forgiven.
I remember that with You all things are possible.
I remember that You will never leave me.
I remember that Your love is never conditional.
I remember that You have already done far more for me than I deserve.
I remember that today is a gift.
I remember that Earth is temporary.
I remember YOU.

You might not be as literal as I to actually put a stake in your yard, but what spiritual stake can you put down today to say, "that's it, from here on out we'll do things differently?" What can you put down once and for all and say, "No more." What is Jesus asking you to remember?


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