Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brenda's Book Club

I love books - no secret. I love sharing Tuesday book reviews with all of you. Some of you have mentioned that you would like to read what I'm reading when I'm reading it so we could discuss it. I understand that. I love to discuss books with people. Authors are superstars to me. Those who can put pen to paper in a way that changes peoples minds, their eyes, and their perceptions - magnificent. A well written book is like the best to me. And the greatest thing in all the world for me is knowing that when I'm done with this book, there's another one unopened on my nightstand just waiting for me. I find the written word so powerful - from the Bible to St. Augustine, to crazy fiction, to modern classics, to the chronicles of Narnia - I love them all.

So, for my blog friends, I am announcing today the start of Brenda's book club! Starting in January it will be a monthly book selection so you'll have plenty of time to read it. Because I only believe in recommending really good quality books, it will be a book I've read before, BUT, I promise to read it along with all of you and if you've read it you have to promise to read it again. The only thing I like better than a good book, is one worthy to be read a second or third or forth time - now that's a classic!

I will be announcing January's selection December 1st which gives you a whole month to get it. We'll start reading it January 1st at your own pace and I will do a complete review of the book the last day of the month including your comments along the way. I will not post comments about the book throughout the month because we'll all finish at different times.

DO NOT feel like you have to participate - you so do not. You can still be a friend of my blog without doing the books, absolutely. But, if you want to or you want to do some months or you want to do all of them - this is a fun way for us to "hang out" even though we're spread out all over the world! It will be fun to know we're all reading the same thing.

I'm excited! I can't wait to tell you the 1st selection, but I will. And by the way, I am excluding Robert Benson (My favorite author of all time) from the list. I would be tempted to only choose him and all of his books are classics to me. Plus, my friends are all SO SICK of hearing about the dreaming and the coming true they could throw that book at me no doubt. So, he's worthy of your reading, but he won't be on my list. And all the people in my life breathed a huge sigh of relief :)

To reading!

P.S. I also love a great deal on a book so I'm suggesting you get the books on Amazon. Sometimes with shipping it's still less than $5. I will also be glad to get them for you and you can just send me a check or whatever. I do it ALL the time for people at the store so honestly I don't mind at all. Just let me know.

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