Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SOOOOO funny!

You guys crack me up. Thanks for all the funny comments about Tina Turner. There were many that made me laugh but the one that wins is . . . . .

"Brenda, you can be a christian and like Tina Turner. It's been done before. A few times." So funny.

To answer back to a few comments -

To those of you who asked what movie is about Tina and Ike's life - it's What's Love Got to Do with it and it's on Lifetime all the time. Love it!

To those of you who are jealous you didn't go to the concert - You should be - it was awesome :)

To those of you who want to go with me next time - there won't be a next time! It's her farewell tour, follow along!

Did I get anything at the concert? - Yes, a mug that looks like the one above. I'm drinking out of it right now!
Now, I'm over my Tina obsession for now, so I'll blog about some other things tonight. Thanks for being excited with me. It really was Fabulous! Okay, I'm stopping for real. . . . . .

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