Saturday, November 15, 2008


You don't have to work in mental health very long to realize we don't exactly have control of our destiny. I've seen those who should be dead walk away and those that never should have died arrive DOA to the ER. It's always strange to me and always reminds me that God really is in control.

One of our long time patients shot himself in the head this week with a 347 magnum. Shot himself in the ear, through his skull, where the bullet lodged in his neck. He did not require surgery. He was not dead. He walked away. Came in on a gurney - could walk, talk, no long term injuries besides a blown ear drum. WEIRD. He has no family, no friends that I know of and has been miserable as long as I've known him.

Another gentleman the same day - 78 year old married man with a seemingly happy life of volunteering-also shot himself in the head. He died instantly. He had a marriage, I assume children, probably grandchildren, maybe great grandchildren. Seemed to have a lot to live for.

So, my question always is - was it the 78 year old's time to die? Was it not the other man's time to die? Did providence play a role even in the act of 2 people trying to harm themselves? Both hoped for the same outcome, but only one got it. I think God knew what would happen to both of them, but did he CAUSE one to die and one to live? Interesting to think about.


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