Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A special prayer request for a special family

Since my friend Jenny's little girl died of cancer 2 years ago I have been part of a cancer ring that prays for children with cancer. It's really amazing, but I usually don't comment on them on my blog because it's seriously so sad. There are some victories, but a whole lot of defeats. I wanted to share with you this special story tonight because I can't even imagine how this family is getting up in the morning. Ryan has had cancer for several years. He's 10 years old. He's gone into remission, relapsed, remission and now has relapsed again. During his last remission his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was doing well too until a few weeks ago. She went downhill very quickly and now has hospice care. She will die not knowing if her son will live - I can't imagine. They have 2 other children that are struggling as well. If you can today lift up a prayer for them. They are a sweet family having such a tragic time.

This is a post from their blog -

There are a lot of things that are wrong in this world. Tonight, Missy and I had to tell our three beautiful children that their mommy is dying. The only thing possibly worse than that, is losing a child. We have appreciated the support from all of our family and friends so much over the years since we started SuperRyan. I never, in a million years thought that I would have to type this on his page. Missy has been every bit as amazing as Ryan while fighting this hideous disease. She was full bore right up until last week, never a complaint about her condition, just constant worry about Ryan and the rest of us. It is still her main concern. She is on a number of medications for pain, cough and sleep. Our hospital appointments have been changed to Hospice care. Thank you for being there for us, praying for us and letting Missy know how much she is loved.

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