Monday, November 10, 2008

TINA TURNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fair Warning - those of you who have me on a spiritual pedestool may not appreciate this post. I'm definitely a Bible believing, saved, spirit filled believer of the only true God, BUT, additionally - I adore Tina Turner. Cat's out of the bag. Get over it :)

Those of you who ride with me in the summer or happen to be in my bathroom when I'm getting ready, it will not surprise you that I have a (not so) secret love affair with Tina Turner. Really to the point that I can sing her entire The Best CD from start to finish, all 18 songs, with no music.
So, 4 long months ago she announced her final tour which included a stop in Atlanta. I made 2 quick phone calls and had tickets not long before they sold out. And after waiting (forever!) last night was finally the night! It was like Christmas eve in my world, seriously. We had such a good time. Met the best people who sat next to us. And she was AMAZING! There are so many reasons I like and respect her not the least of which is she's an overcomer, but on a totally superficial note - SHE'S 68 years old! I wish I looked like that now! Amazing. And she totally exemplifies my life motto which is "get better with age." She so does - what a legend! It was a wonderful night of dancing singing laughing and great fun with friends. And it was worth the LONG few days of working 37 hours, driving to atlanta, concert and back all in the same weekend. So wonderful. . . . .

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