Monday, November 17, 2008

It's a good news kinda day!

Soooooo, some of you know I've been having crazy trouble with my right ankle. Besides the fact that I've sprained it (at least) twice in my life, I also hurt it somehow at the gym last Tuesday. I have been trying to heal it miraculously on it's own, but no can do. I finally went to a foot dr. guy today who did a bunch of x-rays and the short version is . . . . . . .2 bones of my ankle are now too close together and are hitting against each other. I was definitely thinking the worst until the Dr. said. . . . .."I can do surgery on it, but I'd rather just put a cortisone shot in it, give you some anti-inflamatories and oh, it would really be better if you only wore heals." HELLO! I've been wearing flats for weeks thinking heels would hurt it more. I'M SO HAPPY! Tell a girly girl to only wear heels. . . . . you got it doc! I'm heading to the mall after work and then sending the flats to goodwill. Happy day!


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