Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Your week

Jesus, Precious Jesus,

It's your week.

Without this week you would be just the good man that many claim that you were.

But this week proves that you were and you are:


Savior - you saved me from Hell on a cross and you save me from myself every day

Fully Human - you know how I feel because you felt too.

Fully Divine

Alpha - the beginning of all things

Omega - the perfect ending still to come

The Great I am





All powerful


And for all that and more, I love you and I worship you today. As we focus on your road to the Cross I am humbled anew at the lengths you were willing to go to ensure that one day we could be together for eternity. I am undeserving a million times a day, but you love enough to cover a multitude of sins. You bled so I can be healed. You cried only to remind me that my tears are kept in a bottle with you. You anguished so that I could be comforted. You died that I could have life not only in every day, but for eternity.

Thank you is amazingly insufficient, but from the very depths of who I am in the deepest way I am physically, humanly able to say it - thank you. It would take the rest of my life and all of eternity to ever find the words to say what it means that you allow me to be your friend. In you I have all that I'll ever need. The ways you bless me every single day are icing on the cake. And even though I act like a spoiled baby sometimes and make mistakes every day, you mean everything to me. Deep in my soul, at the very core of who I am-I'm all yours. Forgive the times when being wrapped in earthly flesh makes you within me impossible to see.

Because of You.

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