Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marley and Me

Whoever told me not to watch Marley and Me-you were right and I was definitely wrong! I just had to see it. I love dog movies and I really, really wanted to see it. Now I should mention that any movie where animals die is not one Brenda usually watches. Where the red fern grows almost gave me a heart attack and don't get me started on Old Yeller. When I went to see 8 below I almost dehydrated myself-it's not good. I don't like to see animals suffer-at all. And if animals never died that would be perfectly ok by me.
This is a great movie. I so enjoyed 75% of the movie. Hillarious. Odyssey was a real puppy. Ella was never a puppy. He chewed up everything, bounced all over and had enough energy for the whole world. She has always been a people dog and is content to sit there and stare at you. She doesn't get worked up unless it's really important and gives you a look when you're cleaning like, "try harder to impress me." Which is why I adore the ground her 4 little paws walk on. And Odyssey has greatly matured with age-I adore the ground he walks on too.
Needless to say this morning when I finished watching this movie and the family had to put the dog to sleep and bury him I was not so good. Why could the dog not just run off into the sunset? Why not end it with him getting old? Do we have to actually put the dog to sleep AND bury him? Oh my. I'm not buying Marley and Me because I'm pretty sure I would only ever watch the first hour of it and then choose my own ending :)

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