Saturday, April 11, 2009

But Sunday's Coming

It was the week literally from Hell.

He bore the burden of it with courage and resolve.

He's been to Hell and back again.

It was Friday.

But Sunday's Coming.

Death has no victory.

After defeat comes the ultimate resurrection.

He died so we can live.

He was resurrected so we can live again.

The grave couldn't hold him.

Satan loosed his grip on the Almighty Son of God.

He won.

And because he was victorious-we win too.

Go ahead and go back to the tomb if you want to - but he's not there.

Go ahead and visit the final resting place of sin, depression, unforgiveness, pain, agony, and defeat, but you won't find him dwelling in those. He's moved on and now we can too.

The women went to the tomb because they expected him to be there. When we revisit that which he's washed clean and forgiven, we are visiting a tomb where he does not live. We wallow in sins already forgiven. We carry guilt for pain set free. He came that we might have LIFE and have it in abundance! What is weighing you down this easter? What has you tied to a tomb? What part of your life, what aspect of your relationship with Him needs a resurrection? Easter, what a beautiful time to offer him up a sacrifice of trust that he's really done what he promised to do. What he forgives is forgiven. Whom the Son sets free-is free indeed.

Some night like tonight many many years ago Jesus awoke in a tomb and he must have smiled. Then he went home to be with the Father leaving behind all traces of Earth. He was going home. Mission-accomplished. I think somewhere in Heaven that morning he looked down at the mourning women and maybe his heart even hurt for their loss for a moment. I think he wanted to scream I'M NOT THERE! I'M ALREADY HOME! I'M WAITING FOR YOU. I'M PREPARING A PLACE FOR YOU! You will be with me soon, Beloved.

And I can't wait to hear-in detail-the conversation he must have had with the Father. Back at Heaven's gates I believe He ran to him and must have heard him say, "Well done my good and faithful one. This is my son and on you my favor rests." Mission-Accomplished.

Whatever your facing today, whatever Friday is in your life dying a slow death toward holiness, know this-Sunday's Coming.

Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection Sunday! He is risen indeed!!!

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