Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the tallest of smalls

There's a new kids book coming out by Max Lucado called The Tallest of Smalls. We read an excerpt of it yesterday when the sales rep was in the store and it so struck a chord in my heart. Don't you ever just feel SMALL? Gosh, I feel like that all the time lately. Not quite good enough, strong enough, stable enough, financially secure enough, physically fit enough, healthy eating enough, fearless enough, hopeful enough, gracious enough, kind enough-I could go on and on and on and on. You know like just below average or maybe a lot below average! The best seems like a far off unattainable goal to yours truly-sometimes I just want to get to average!

And it's hard for my independent self to realize we are supposed to be small. We're supposed to be human. We're only supposed to be large and magnificent IN HIM. If we could accomplish true greatness on our own we would not need Him and we were made to be dependent.

I tell people often that in some way every time your heart beats that's God saying, "beat, beat, beat" If He stops saying it-it stops beating. We can't even get our hearts to beat without Him! Without Him controlling the wind and the waves we'd all end up in the ocean. Without Him controlling the Moon we'd either burn up or freeze to death in fractions of a second. He is creator. We are created. We can do nothing alone. Nothing. Even if we try to run away from Him, we'd be using the brain and the legs he gave us to try (feebly) to get away. To no avail-He's everywhere.

But sometimes being small is still kind of lonely and unfulfilled feeling. It just is!

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