Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! I can't help it-I just think Americans as a rule are WASTEFUL-myself included. It makes me nutto to think of how much junk I throw away alone-ugh. I'm not saying that one person can reverse global warming (God knows how long the Earth will last!), but I am saying one person can make a difference-for sure. Here's some things I do as often as possible that are Earth Friendly-give them a try!

1. Change the lightbulbs in your house to the energy efficient brands. No joke I have done this as my bulbs have burned out and now my whole house is full of them. They have a softer light and my electric bill is cheaper.

2. The next time you replace an appliance switch to an energy efficient one. Look for the energy star label.

3. Stop using disposable bags. Oh my word this is so easy and really makes a big difference. Plus there are so many earth friendly cute bags now or bags with your grocery store logo, etc. I keep them in my trunk so when I go to the store I have them.

4. Conserve energy. Turn off lights. I'm a huge fan of candles at night especially if I'm just watching TV or reading. Also, unplug your stuff. Everything plugged in (cell phone charger, coffee maker, etc.) runs on reserve power when you leave them plugged in. It's unnecessary so unplug stuff!

5. Pay bills on line. I do this because it's super convenient but it also saves a ton on paper.

6. Take quicker showers. Aim for 5 minutes.

7. Donate usable items to your local goodwill. It's good for the economy and the environment.

8. Repurpose items. I cut old towels and some clothing into rags ALL the time. I use them to clean up outside, clean out the car, etc. And if I have something really messy to clean up I don't mind throwing them away after they've been used for something else.

9. Wash clothes in cold water. I do it all the time. It works fine.

10. Use a reusable water bottle. THIS is the hardest one for me personally. Bottled water is so dang convenient, but it is expensive and the drain on landfills with all that plastic is totally ridiculous. I'm trying my best and have cut way back even recently.

So, happy earth day! What have you done to help your home planet today?

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