Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ritualistic Prayer

I am not by denomination Catholic. I am not by denomination anything really. I have always felt most at home in a non-denominational some may call charasmatic church. That's another post entirely, but it does not bother me when people walk down the isle, raise their hands and shout hallelujah among other things. I can find God there and He can find me.

But I find within myself a dichotomy. In so much as I am drawn to the loud, free Sunday morning worship, I am also often times drawn to the sacred, the holy, the solomn worship which is why occasionally you may find me in the chapel at the local catholic church where I live. There's something about the ancient stained glass windows and the very high celinings that invites my heart to worship. It is where the spirit of God can bring me to tears of repentence and a great sense of his abiding presense in my life. And I used to be against ritualistic prayer, but it's starting to grow on me.

I definitely believe we can talk to God anytime, anywhere about anything. The shower, the car - all can be equally holy as an alter for sure. But my crazy self which can't focus on a single thing for very long, is drawn to the idea of a specific time to stop in the morning, afternoon, and evening. A prayer to start the day, a time to pause and reflect in the middle of the day, and an evening prayer of repentence and expectation for the next day-it makes sense to me. I am putting these prayers on my mirror in the bathroom, in my purse to find mid-day at work, and by my bed for nighttime prayers. I still plan to pray throughout the day, but this ensures that if any given day gets away from me, I'm sure to meet with him at least 3 times a day.

Jesus, I'm so glad you're not Baptist, or Catholic, or Methodist. We may label ourselves, but we are your body. help me even today to appreciate the worship of others and not to judge those who do not act the way I do. Thank you for salvation. With Hell no longer my destiny, keep my eyes on heaven and you and eternal life of happiness and joy with you. I certainly do not deserve it, but am thankful that even still you found me. I love you for always, Amen.

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