Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fair Warning

Well, I finally watched the debates on my Tivo. . . . . .I have to say Obama 1 McCain 0. We're in trouble. McCain-I like ya but you can't debate my friend. I hope Palin does a much better job later this week. Part of the problem is this time in history is toying with people's emotions like a yo-yo. We're going to swing toward whoever makes us feel better about the economy, our jobs, keeping our homes, etc. But it's not as simple as choosing a candidate who's the most elequent speaker. I can knock on your door and give you a check for a million dollars and you'll be really excited - until you cash it! I think we're going to find that the problems America is experiencing are not going to get better simply because the torch gets passed.

Feel free to disagree with me, but I truly believe that God is removing his hand of protection on America and that whoever is chosen as the next president will be ordained by God for that position and it COULD be for the purpose of advancing prophecy to end times status. America is not in scripture as part of the end times and there are lots of suggestions for why that is, but it is possible that it's because we won't be here. Now, the human side of me prefers that Jesus comes and gets us before this raft we're living on falls into the sea, but you know what? that's not up to us.

I know people have been looking for Jesus to come back since he left. And we've been waiting for him ever since. But Scripture is clear that there will be signs and you can basically watch CNN with the book of Revelation in your lap and know what they're going to say next. Scary. And exciting. You may have heard Kay Arthur a few weeks ago speak on the great famine that is coming to America. I believe it. So much of the world is literally starving to death and we are not exempt just because we are Americans.

And we've done this to ourselves. I look at the book of Genesis before the flood when God was so disappointed with his creation. How must he feel now? When Jesus said Let the little children come to me He didn't mean kill them off by abortion and abuse so they'd get to heaven faster! We're a nation in turmoil by our own hands. We've done this to ourselves. And we will pay the consequences for our actions. Now maybe you and I haven't personally aborted anybody or murdered anyone, but you know what? those dying children in Sudan didn't do anything either but because of where they live they are suffering and dying every day. We will pay for the actions of others by the extension that we are part of this country.

So am I saying don't vote and just let America go to Hell in a handbasket? NO NO NO! I'm saying if there's ever been a time to wake up - it is NOW. We need to be on our faces for this country asking God to SPARE US. Pleading on behalf of this great nation that we love that there would not be corruption in the offices both locally or nationally. That we would all get right with Him, that people living in sin (all of us to some degree) would turn from our wicked ways and FIND HIM. That we would beg of him as in scripture, "Lord if you find 100 people who love you will you spare us? 50? 30? 10? 1?"

Friends, we love HIM. I don't know of anyone who regularly reads my blog who doesn't. So let's commit today, these very few days before the election to get on our faces before the Lord and surrender ourselves and our nation to Him. To decide anew to trust him with all things and to repent of our own sins and the sins of this country.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus - Amen

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