Sunday, September 28, 2008

My sweet house. . . . .

To my sweet house that I love. I can't believe I've lived there for 4 years today! That seems impossible. And I can't believe after almost having a panic attack over the 1st payment God has helped me make 50 more! This is the picture I took right before I moved in. It still looks the same with better landscaping :) (The picture is crooked-not the house!)
This year, my house, I promise to keep you cleaner and to sweep off your porches more often than never :) I promise to sweep out the garage at least once and to keep your roses pruned. I promise to be more thankful for a home to live in when so many people are losing theirs. And I promise to let it continue to be a haven of peace and rest not only for me, but for those Jesus brings to it for a listening ear, a cup of coffee, or a girls night in. Thanks for keeping me warm, cool, dry and for not burning down this year when I forgot to blow out a candle forever and lit a towel on fire in the kitchen. Sorry about that my house. This year I'll do better :-)

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