Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Little Things..........

Jesus, thank you today for little things that have brought sunshine to a long day. Thank you that my friend Annette brought me all of my favorite fruit to work today "just because she knows fruit makes me happy." And thank you for good conversations with friends throughout the day. Thank you that it's not so crazy busy I can't see straight, but that even if it were You are here with me. Thank you for the best fiction book I've read in a long time and the time today you've given me to read it. Thank you that when I told my friend Jeremy I was sorry for being grouchy yesterday he laughed and said, "you're funny grouchy and I've never seen you like that so it just made me laugh. You can be grouchy around me anytime." Thank you for friends that understand, for friends who pray for me, for friends who love me for who I am and where I am at this moment. And thank you that YOU are my ultimate friend, the lover of my soul, an ever present help in times of trouble and an anchor in the storms of life. I pray for everyone who has blessed me knowingly or not today that you would bless them 100 fold and I thank you for them.

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