Friday, September 12, 2008

The Past and the Present

Well it's a week of remembrances in some ways. September 11th was 7 years ago, but at times feels like yesterday. I still can't wrap my brain around the tragedy, the loss of life, the fear, and the senselessness of it all. And thankfully these kinds of mass tragedies are not common in the united states, but they are in so many other places. To those around the world who suffer every day to feed their children anything and fight for their safety; to those who will die today for carrying one page of the Word of God in their pocket while I sit here surrounded by it - I pray God blesses you much more than I - If not in this life, then in the next - you deserve it, and you have my highest admiration.

It's been a week politically too and that will not end anytime soon. I am less impressed than ever with Obama and am excited about McCain and Palin. I think Palin was a fabulous choice. I believe in strong women, and I believe she is one. And yet, ultimately I believe God is soverign. That's not an excuse not to take political responsibility, but I trust Him with the now and the not yet. He already knows who will be sworn in on that day - let's just pray they get sworn in with a Bible and not the Koran - DUH! :-)

And it's a week of hurricaines. I marveled today at the panic over gas and supplies here in Georgia where we aren't supposed to get any effects from the storm. And I'm thankful. Texas is in mine and should be in all of our prayers. I marvel at the power of the Lord and his power over the creation. I'm praying we get our act together as Americans before we have another Old Testament sized wipe out. We are a priveledged nation, but we are not exempt from paying for our actions. For every aborted fetus today, for every murdered loved one, for every drunk driving accident, neglected child, abused elderly and the "little" sins we committ every day. Lord, forgive us -we know what we do.

Those who know me well know I'm in love with the author Robert Benson (author of Between the Dreaming and the Coming True) and am so enjoying his latest offering In Constant Prayer. It's a book on prayer and worship and how to pray without ceasing with the life we are given. I am committing today in a whole new way to pray without ceasing. Less because I have more to say and more because He has more to say to me and through me and with this vessell. I so want to be at the point that when I pray "Thy will be done" I mean it. That whatever that will is, I will accept it.

Father, in these times of uncertainty, of wars and rumors of wars, of famine, of our own personal hells where there seems no escape and no answers, would you be kind enough to meet us here? Would you help us to seek your face in a busy world that vies for our attention? Would you help me to pray without ceasing, to trust you with things big and small, to give you my heart for keeps and not keep taking back pieces of it for my own benefit? Lord, without you where would I be? The thought is one I do not dwell on and in turn give to you a heart of gratitude that you love me just the way I am and that every day you are molding me more and more into your image. Homesick to see you someday and desperate to know you more today, I surrender to you.
In your name,

There's no use knocking on the door of Heaven for earthly comfort - it's not the kind they supply there.
C.S. Lewis

P.S. A lot of entries on the blog are missing - they have been pulled to make room for new ones!

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