Sunday, September 21, 2008

The End of the Fiscal Year

As much as I would love to blog all this week about great and wonderful and sometimes mundane things in my life, It's the end of the fiscal year at the Potter's House. And I, as the inventory specialist, am responsible for accurate reporting to the IRS so it doesn't get audited and we all get sent to prison for tax trouble. (They have bad coffee in prison-I can't go). So, I will be crunching numbers all week with no time to play on the computer - bummer. And hopefully by Thursday sometime I will have all $1.5 million dollars worth of Christian books, music and a lot of other random stuff accounted for and in it's right categories. It's a big job, but fear not, I can handle it. Hopefully be back by the end of the week - don't have fun without me :)

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