Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brand it!

This is for all of you who complain my blog is "too spiritual" - Here ya go - a complete rant and rave about nothing important and probably more than you wanted to know about me. To all my blog friends who have recently blogged about their favorite things - I LOVED IT! So funny.

Ok, I admit, I'm a brand girl - at least on some things. Canned green beans - don't care. Hairspray - as long as it has volume in the title I'll use it. Pens - as long as they let me write fast at work I'll use them. But as I was putting gas in my car last night I noticed there was a little tag in my gas tank that said "I prefer premium fuel." Well who doesn't?? That doesn't mean my car is getting premium fuel. I pay big bucks for the extended warrenty so if the "regular" gas does something bad to the turbo engine - they'll fix it for "free". Somehow in my head that makes sense.

But I realized about myself today that I'm kind of a brand-y girl. There are some things I will NOT budge on.

Coffee - don't get me started. My annual budget for coffee is well over $1000. Seriously, I can't believe I just told you all that. AT LEAST $100 a month. And if you think you'll ever see me with a cup of Folgers in my hand - we're not as close as I thought :) It has to be Starbucks, it has to be really strong, and I ONLY let people with a clue about coffee make it for me - otherwise I'll make it myself thanks. Last year for Christmas I got $300 in Starbucks gift cards and I almost cried when they ran out......really.....almost. I only drink milk in coffee so if I stopped my bones would break - see I have to keep drinking it :)

Bath Products - Have to be Philosophy. It's so me it's scary. Every bottle of body wash, every little container of face cream has a QUOTE on it. Hello. I love quotes and if I can find some inspiration in my face wash called "hope in a bottle" hey - even better.

Cleaning - I only clean floors with Pinesol I suppose because my mom does. I only clean everything else with environmentally friendly products like Method or Second Generation. I suppose I'm a little concerned with my "carbon footprint" or whatever Al Gore calls it. But then again I throw away plastic bags - every single one of them. I have way cuter bags that Walmart to carry my stuff around in. Sorry Al.

Water - I love water. But, I only drink Smart Water or water from my water purifier at home in a stainless steel KleenKanteen bottle. Tap water creeps me out for some reason and I'm afraid to get Alzheimer's from Aluminum.

Food - I have weird food issues, but as of late I have cut out almost all sugar and flour from my diet. So I'm SUPER picky about what I eat and where it comes from. I DON'T eat pasta, bread, processed foods, very much meat, sugar in any form or packaged foods. I pretty much only eat MorningStar veggie burgers, Kraft Cheese, Horizon Organic yogurt (sugar free), grapes, apples, salad stuff, mixed nuts and mexican food with no tortillas. And I only drink Green lemonade (juiced myself), juiced carrotts and apples, 100% fruit juice, water or coffee. And really infrequently I drink Diet Dr. Pepper. I love it. Sorry kidneys.

Pajamas - I love pj's. I'd live in them if I could. AND they have to be HUE pajamas. I have so many. They all hang on one side of my closet matched together on hangers and it usually takes me more time to decide which set to wear to bed then what clothes to wear in the morning.

Gym - I only work out at Anytime Fitness because you can go. . .well, anytime! I like to work out at about 11 pm because no one is on my tread climber and there's enough body builders in there to protect me if someone tries to bother me! I love New Balance tennis shoes and Hue workout clothes and my new red IPOD stuffed with music.

Bibles - I really prefer the NASB or the ESV and when I'm really needing a big hug from the Lord - the message. My favorite Bible is the NASB/Message Parallel edition in Black leather that smells like coffee up close - no clue how that happened :)

And that's it. I love all these things, but I could live without them if I had to I suppose. I think it's important to remember what people like and I try to do that in my friendships. My friend Jessica is the absolute best at this - it's amazing. She never forgets. One of our friends loves Oatmeal Cream Pies and one year for her birthday Jessica bought her 24 boxes (she turned 24). I can never find hairbands for the gym so one year she gave me 365 of them so even if I lost one a day I'd always have enough! See if you can find ways to remember the little things in the lives of the people you're close to today. Find a way to remember that they like Junior Mints or love lifesavers or purple is their favorite color. It definitely doesn't cost much to bless someone and they'll be so glad you remembered. And after you do - tell me all about it. Maybe they'll go on to bless others and so on and so on. Jessica loves grape kool-aid. I'm going to go buy her a packet and stick it in a card today.
Have a great Sunday,

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