Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sugar Free times Three

Three years ago today was the last time I had sugar. This includes all natural, processed and refined varieties of the poisonous bits. And it most definitely includes corn syrup. Have you seen those commercials? Make me nuts!

I also strictly limit aspartame, splenda and other artificial sweeteners. I gave up sugar initially for health reasons and as it turns out, that's reason enough. I used to get sick 4-5 times a year. I've had the flu once and one cold in the last three years. I find myself not on the sugar roller coaster of a buzz then collapsing. It was a great decision for this life.

Since people always ask, I'll tell you. I do use organic evaporated cane juice like what's found in Kashi and truvia/stevia. But that's it.

I can honestly say I never, ever crave it anymore. I have myself so brainwashed you would have to hold me down and force me to eat a cookie. Sugar is so bad for your immune system, weight gain, emotional stuff and overall quality of health.

I never try to make people leave sugar completely. It has to be a decision you're ready for and able to do cold turkey (imo). But, everyone can cut back sugar somewhere and be healthier. And PLEASE get rid of chemical sweeteners. Your cells will thank you.

Happy Three Year Sugar Free Anniversary to ME!

One of the best decisions I've ever made.


Anonymous said...

Wow Brenda, I soooo admire you! I totally believe that sugar is an addiction and I'm trying to do the same! Pray for me!

Meredith Gould said...

Congrats! I made it through one year sugar-free and then slid back into the habit. I then decided to use only artificial sweeteners (and honey) until I finally realized (or maybe YOU told me?) that aspartame was triggering fibro pain, so now I'm off that. I SHOULD stop with the sugar...and stick to salami.

Brenda said...

Andie - I'll definitely pray for you and glad to offer any tips if you need them.

Meredith-How about grilled chicken. And water.