Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stained Glass Hearts - A Book Review

I tend to take reading (and everything else) a bit too seriously so I'm always thankful when a book like this one falls into my life. Stained Glass Hearts by women of faith speaker Patsy Clairmont is like a breath of fresh air. Her writing is like reading an e-mail from a great friend hoping for lots more reply backs to the conversation. It's not my preferred type of book, but her honesty was so good for my soul. Here's a few of my favorite parts.

I was reminded that all God's people have glass hearts. Even dads. We aren't alone in our fragile design.

The trip toward stability took me through jungles of emotions, pits of despair, ledges of fear, deserts of loneliness, wind shears of relationship, and white churning waves of anger.

And we need the help of others on the journey, those who have and are working on their own stuff. We weren't meant to recover alone.

I knew whenever I needed to talk, she would listen; and when I needed input she would gently advise. A trusted friend who is tracking with you in her availability and her prayers is a stabilizing force.

There's no doubt about it: prayers and people matter.

The quiet gives me opportunity to sort myself out in God's presence. That's when I stop any pretending and excusing. The stillness gives me space for confession and petitions. I open the stained glass window of my soul. My heart finds centered-ness in God's grace.


*For Thomas Nelson

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