Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Women of Faith IMAGINE Weekend!

A huge thank you to @ThomasNelson and @booksneeze for sending me to @womenoffaith last weekend to witness their latest conference, Imagine. Based off Ephesians 3:20 Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine.
Laura Story is in the spotlight lately with her latest CD, Blessings. She is a worship leader at Perimeter church in Atlanta and so gifted. I believe that the greatest work comes out of broken places, and walking through a brain tumor with her husband has deepened her faith and her music.
Steve Arterburn is the president of New Life Ministries and founder of Women of Faith. He spoke several times Friday offering great insight into the human condition with compassion and humor.
Sheila Walsh has been one of my favorite people since she released her book Honestly several years ago. I have a special appreciation for people who are diagnosed with clinical depression, still on medication, have a history of suicidal thoughts, have been admitted to a mental hospital, and now have arrived in the place God has been calling them to all along. Sheila Walsh is honest and hilarious. My favorite quote from the weekend was by her, "You aren't responsible to get yourself Home."
Natalie Grant is an award winning Christian musician and the mom of three girls. Her voice is heaven sent and her lyrics inspiring. My favorite Natalie Grant song includes this quote, "But the promise was when everything fell, we'd be held."
Mary Mary is the gospel addition to The Women of Faith team. I'm not as familiar with their music, but they were good.
Luci Swindoll is 78 years old, but you won't find that out by looking at her. She's the sister of Charles Swindoll and can hold her own next to his fabulous Bible teaching. She has a rich life story deepened by her love of God and His people.
Lisa Harper is so funny. I may just have a crazy love for her because she is hilarious, beautiful, loves God with everything and isn't married. Proving (again) that you actually can be single and living out God's plan for your life. She's inspiring and personal. Her book Stumbling Into Grace was life changing for me. Definitely the best thing to happen to Women of Faith in a long time.
Angie Smith is known as being the wife of lead singer Todd Smith of the group Selah. But, she can also hold her own. She told her heartbreaking story of losing their daughter soon after birth and gently recalled how God had been there every step of the way. She's the newest addition to Women of Faith and I found her unpolished speaking very refreshing.

It was a great weekend and it's not too late to join Women of Faith in an arena near you. Do your faith a favor and register here today!

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