Tuesday, August 2, 2011

With - A Book Review

With (great title) by Skye Jethani, the editor of Leadership Journal, is a book about discovering how we relate to God. He spends a chapter each discussing what it means to live 1. Life over God, 2. Life under God, 3. Life from God, 4. Life for God, 5. Life with God.

1. Life Under God. The life under God approach is doomed to fail. As much as we might want to control God, history has proven that He is notoriously uncooperative.

2. Life Over God. Life over God effectively cuts out the middleman and gives us direct control over our lives.

3. Life From God. God exists to supply what we need. We value what God can do for us but not God himself.

4. Life for God. God's gifts are a blessing and his work is important, but neither can or should replace God himself as our focus.

5. Life with God. Life with God is different because it's goal is not to use God; it's goal is God.

It's a great book and made me think so much about my relationship with God. I think it's fair to say we all find ourselves in all of these places in our lives. It was a great reminder that we serve a relational God who wants to be with us, too.

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