Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Living the Liturgy - What Was I Doing?

Living the Liturgy - Part One

After learning about the Abbey of Gethsemani, I tried to ignore it for a few weeks. It didn't make any sense. Why would I go to a monastery? I'm not Catholic. I don't like quiet. Oh, and I'm a GIRL! But, the feeling persisted until I finally looked up and said, "FINE." God must delight in my immediate obedience.

I called to schedule an hour visit and the monk on the phone wisely asked, "Do you think an hour will quench your curiosity?" Busted. "Try a weekend." He suggested I stay at the Merton Institute about a mile down the road, but said they typically have a 6 month waiting list. (YES!). Feeling pretty confident, I called the Institute to schedule a weekend in the fall sure I could come up with a reason to cancel before then.

The lady on the phone said, "Oh, it must be meant to be! I just had a cancellation! Can you come tomorrow?"

I flipped my calendar to the next day and saw I was completely free. Big sigh.


"Great! We will see you tomorrow!! Come early and stay late, ok?" I found her chipper personality a bit unsettling. Weren't they supposed to be calm?

I reached for my suitcase and stopped. I didn't even know what to wear to a monastery. What was I doing?

.....To Be Continued

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