Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Message from "God"

If I didn't find spirituality so fascinating, I'd be stuck in the mindset of how obnoxious it is. Everyone is right. My church is the only one going to Heaven. You can't do that. You should do this. Pray like this. Believe like this. That way is wrong. Blah, blah, blah. I could go on forever about that.

Currently on top of my spiritual frustration is a conversation I had a few weeks ago. I am not against taking advice. Well meaning people who can present their case without arguing are welcome in my circle any day of the week. And we don't have to agree. But, you have to be a grown up about the conversation. And head's up, if I'm going to take advice from you, you already know me well enough not to ask if you can. Enough said.

So, some well meaning lady approached me. I haven't seen her in probably six months. She does not have a pulse on what's going on in my life. She knows nothing of my Spiritual life. And she proceeds to say, "Oh, I'm glad I ran into you. God told me to tell you. . . . . ." And she insisted on telling me what is wrong with me in a harsh, judgemental tone.

Overflowing with grace that day (lucky her), I smiled and walked away. She could carry on with her life pretending to be the messenger of the Almighty if she wanted to, but that wasn't from God. And I would know.

Here's what grates my nerves:

1. Messages from "God" do not invite communication. By being God's messenger the other person can't give an opinion without allegedly arguing with God. Unfair.

2. God does not speak to me in harsh, condescending or judgemental ways. Knowing me better than I do, He knows that won't change things. I'm motivated by love and holiness and gentle discipline from the heart. This lady was pushing me down on the playground and calling me names. Immature.

3. And probably my favorite reason? I'm standing right here! If God has something to say to me I'm listening with the purest heart I have and ears to hear. I'm not saying I could be missing something. I'm just saying I'm not THAT out of touch that He would have to give the message to a virtual stranger to get my attention.

By contrast, someone I respect greatly called the other night. We had a conversation about some things that are working and some things that aren't. She said, "Do you think maybe God is asking you to let some things go?" That resonated with my spirit. That lined up with what God has already been dropping into this heart. That made SENSE!

God is always speaking in all kinds of ways surrounding this life. I'm grateful for His presence and direction. I'm happy when I know a message is from Him through someone else, and thankful for discernment in the times it isn't.


Meredith Gould said...

Oh boy...whenever I hear "God told me to tell you," I know I'm hearing from someone who has an ungodly agenda. Harsh? I don't think so. God told me to leave this comment.

Sue said...

Hoo boy... "God told me to tell you?" We all have a direct line to God, thank you very much... unfortunately our egoes sometimes get in the way which is why we seek guidance THROUGH others in order to VERIFY whether we're hearing God clearly. In my opinion, that lady gave you a gift... to know that you DO hear the voice of God right where he has always been, in your heart--and that God doesn't speak in harsh or condescending ways but in ways that empower, that uplift and that gently urge you in the direction of your greatest unfolding as the wonderful, unique being of YOU that you were created to be.

Brenda said...

Sue, you're a gift to the world and to me. Thanks for your wisdom and encouragement.

Melinda Lancaster said...

Dangerous words "God told me to tell you..."

Boy do I have a story I could tell you. But I won't because this is your blog.

On the rare occasions when God has spoken to me through someone it usually confirms something He has already been dealing with me on for a long period of time. Sounds like that is what happened to you in your recent phone conversation.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I always feel for those who fall into the trap of believing that every person who says that the speak for God actually does. I've seen some real devestation as a result of that false premise.

I'm grateful that His Word gives us guidelines for recognizing His voice. Also grateful for the knowledge that His sheep know His voice and follow only Him. He has given us discernment and the ability to recognize our Shepherd.

Keep on following Him, my friend. He'll never lead you astray.