Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ascent From Darkness-A Book Review

I appreciate spiritual journeys. I respect a great testimony. And I'll never stop being amazed at God's ability to take someone from darkness to light. His redemptive plan is freedom.

Ascent from Darkness tells the true story of Michael Leehan as he falls into Satanism and returns redeemed by God's great grace. It's a truly remarkable testimony.

The writing is good and the people believable. The story is fast paced covering several decades.

And I'm going to have to say I don't recommend it. The darkness is so dark. The stories so vivid. The animal sacrifices are heartbreaking and the fear palpable. I know that Satan is alive and well on planet earth and spiritual warfare is real, but personally I don't want to read about it.

It would appeal to a limited audience at best. I am grateful for his freedom from darkness into God's glorious light. A miracle indeed.

*For Thomas Nelson


Mike said...

I understand your discomfort with the material, but I have to disagree that this won't reach large audiences. I think Christians and non- will be devouring this book. The buzz is already crazy for it. I also think eye-openers like this one are good for us to read on occasion so we don't forget that this spirit battle is very very real.

Donna said...

I, too, understand your discomfort, but think it is an important work and very timely, also.

Lukewarm Christianity can only be maintained by avoiding such knowledge as contained in his book. I think it is just what the church in America needs. Here Satan is only beginning to be able to work openly because of the strong Christian heritage we have from our founding fathers. As that heritage is erroded, Satan can operate more openly. Before he does, the church would do well to rekindle the fire of its first love and first days.

Ascent from Darkness is sounding the alarm and disclosing the terrible reality we are more comfortable ignoring.

As a result of reading Mike's book, I have a much deeper understanding of the cosmic struggle around me and how immeasurably deep is the love of God for us. My appreciation for Jesus' great sacrifice and the value of His blood covering over my life continues to grow daily as I live cognizant of my absolute dependence on it. And praise of the one true God, how wonderful, how marvelous that I should be able to immerse myself in the glory of His praise! Because Mike showed me the power that praise of God has over Satan, I have been determined to practice it frequently and have been blessed immensely.

Thank you Mike, for literally laying your life out as an open book to the glory of God.