Friday, September 9, 2011

There You'll Find Me - A Book Review

I'm not too ashamed to say I begged, borrowed, and almost stole to get my hands on this book early. I'm also not too proud to say, it's teen fiction. Could have fooled me-I loved it!

The common denominator of the human experience is that we're all searching for something. I loved following Finley (great name) through this book as a foreign exchange student in Ireland on her quest for answers. With her deceased brother's journal in hand, she's looking for concrete things and also evidence that God still cares.

Surprisingly enjoyable, she unwillingly becomes involved with a superstar from vampire movies who fills the void and offers the help she needs.

When life gets out of control, Finley takes desperate actions and discovers that the best way to look up is when everything else has come crumbling down.

I loved it.

*For Thomas Nelson


Sue said...

I love "teen fiction." But then sometimes it shocks me to remember that high school was 30 years ago. YIKES. My inner teenager would love this book, I'm sure. Teenagers, to the extent other media haven't made them nonreaders, are more sophisticated readers nowadays than when I was young. So the books are pretty interesting to read.

Thanks for the review, Brenda.

Michelle Brown said...

I usually review children's books or middle reader fiction for my blog. But your review makes me want to read this book.